12 easy ways to make a candle with his own hands

Make your home nice and cozy does not necessarily cost a lot of money. With the help of his own imagination, you can create wonderful unusual candles, and Website in this survey will help to deal with the details of the process.


A fun candy candle is fairly easy. You will need a form, wick, wax and colorful decoration, and the technology of the process can be seen here.


If you love herbs, this idea is for you. Add, for example, lavender, as it did then, and enjoy the beautiful scented candles.


Old toys perfectly manifest themselves in the interior, if we include the imagination, as we did here.


Now shells brought from the sea, will no longer be in the far box. They will be a wonderful element of the interior, and the details of the process are painted here.

Different forms

For lovers of unusual geometric shapes will suit this wonderful idea. Drawings and advice on process technology are very close.

Simply and elegantly

The original gift can be done in a few minutes by and it looks very nice.


These candles will appeal to anyone who likes a muted pastel shades, and here tell us how to do them quickly and inexpensively.


Those who can not imagine life without coffee, you can treat yourself and make coffee candle.


These glowing candles and decorate the children's holiday, and a romantic evening.


Great idea for Valentine's Day, and in order to please loved ones for no reason.


Children and adults alike will be delighted with these multi-colored candles, and make them a snap.


With these cups is possible to arrange an evening in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" and conversion parts ordinary cup in a work of art can find here.

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