The story about the most insatiable women in the world who died 100 years ago

100 years ago, most greedy dead woman in the world July 3, 1916 died the most greedy woman in the world. Henrietta Howland Hetty Green, which was called the "Witch of Wall Street" for the eyes, ruined not greed - she died in '81 of a heart attack. Her name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records with a mark "The most miserly person in the world." At the time of the death of the Getty was the richest woman of the time, its state totaled $ 4 billion. It owned more than 8 thousand plots of land, was notable moneylender and bought up shares of companies related to railways.

Henrietta was born in 1834 into a family that owned a good state at the time. The main source of income was Howland whale oil. Educating girls is entirely engaged grandfather - Gideon Howland. Henrietta belonged to a Protestant religious group of Quakers, quite common at that time in the New England states. The name "Quaker" comes from the English quake - tremble, tremble. Among the vital precepts Quakers have always been self-restraint, simplicity in food and clothing.

When the old Gideon's sight began to weaken, the seven-year Getty climbed on his lap and was reading with interest newspaper reports financial news, passable sorting out the difference between stocks and bonds. In 13 years - has become a family accountant


About her incredible frugality that turned eventually into avarice, are legendary. Henrietta was quite a pretty girl, but grooms slightly alarmed that the young girl goes in the same shabby dress and worn-out shoes. After her mother's death Getty rarely suited techniques. And the word "suit" is inappropriate here: they say that the young Green extinguished expensive candles before leaving the guests, and cinder sold the next day; wipes the daughter of a millionaire do not throw away, and sprinkled with water, and the iron to iron, to use them again.

After his father's death in 1865, Henrietta became the successor state to an impressive 7, $ 5 million. That's when she met her future husband - Edward Green

. The Greens were old American congressmen and judges, and uncle Edward was mayor of Boston. as Edward himself, who spoke several languages, including Chinese, has traveled halfway around the world. For eighteen years he stayed in the Philippines, where he made a considerable fortune in the silk trade, tea, tobacco and hashish.

Edward backed Henrietta, when his father died, and then - when her aunt died. Two years later, Henriette agreed to go down the aisle with Edward Green. A couple legalized their relationship and bonded their marriage contract, according to which Edward had no right nor a penny from the state of the Getty. Family family, and money separately. And even when her husband went bankrupt and got into debt, the Getty has not helped his wife. She just drove it.

Even then, Hetty Green knew everything on Wall Street. She owned acres of land and real estate. She was not equal to the usury and gambling. Brokers know if Hetty Green buys shares of the company, tomorrow the price of these securities will fly up to heaven. Buying securities Getty learned everything about the company and could talk about it, even more than the owner. From the marriage of Henrietta left two children, Ned and Sylvia, which occasionally suffer from excessive frugality mother. Green did not have their own homes, living in cheap motels, savings on medicines and foods. Henrietta almost never spent on clothes and shoes, and underwear changed only when the previous turned into rags. She never used the services of maids and laundresses. After reading the latest press, she sent Ned selling newspaper. The store can be traded clocks per cent - most sellers hated Getty


Because of the avarice of Henrietta, her son Ned lost his leg. In one of the frosty winters Ned bought sleds. The guy could not believe their luck and immediately chose to ride the coolest and dangerous roller coaster. During one of the runs sled turned over and the boy severely injured his leg. In a fit of saving Henrietta went for help to the hospital for the poor. Unfortunately, skuperdyayku all knew in the face. The doctors refused to help her son. Then Getty decided to treat the boy at home: a few years, Ned was suffering from terrible pain, and after his leg was amputated above the knee


Getty aging never abandoned the fear of assassination, and a rare friend she had come with their own food and even alcohol burner for cooking eggs. After receiving a license to carry a weapon, she never parted with him. Appeared cars, as well as any luxuries rejected, saying: "Jesus Christ was enough to move the ass." It was at the time of the passage of the morning "at the service" of the photographer lens and grabbed the woman's unusual appearance: dull black coat, a hat with a widow's veil, evil old woman's face and sharp, not senile gait. Whether this kind of repulsive, whether persistent rumors about strange, unusual actions were the appearance of its newspaper nickname "Witch of Wall Street».

In '81 Getty died of a heart attack. Two of her children have inherited a vast fortune - about $ 4 billion by today's money. Ned Greene later became known by the nickname "Uncle Ned". His part of it is invested in a good life, cars and technological developments. Sylvia became a generous benefactor. The photo of the Getty together with Sylvia.

After her mother's death, Ned married and almost immediately became interested in the automotive industry. Of course, your own car has become one of the first families of acquisitions.

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