The story about a resourceful mother and her 15 children

The woman went to the social welfare service office, leading the 15 children.

- Wow! - Exclaims employee. - This is all your

- Yes, they are all mine, - sighs excited mom who hears this question for the hundredth time. She says:

- Sit down, Bob

. And children take place.

- So, - says the woman - I need you to register. Please indicate the names of the children.

- It's simple - responsible mother. - The boys name is Basil and the girls - Vasilisa

. Not believing his ears, the worker asks:

- Are you seriously? They Wasi?

- Yes, and this greatly facilitates my life. In the morning I cry to them, "Bob!", And they wake up. When it's time for lunch, I also cry, "Bob!", And they all come. When I make a remark, they all cease to indulge. In my opinion, this is a great idea!

The social worker did not share her mother's enthusiasm and a wrinkled forehead and asked:

- What if you need to call only one child, but not all at once

? - Well, then I call them by patronymic

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