At the entrance of our house lived a grandmother ... A wonderful story about how to change the world around them

Site publishes a story, which has shared in his LiveJournal Olga Plisetskaya. It has been witnessed in using "soft power" can change the world around them. This is a wonderful and incredibly inspiring example of unselfish kindness! At the entrance of our house my grandmother lived. Grandmother Lyuba. She was 97 years old. Sweet, nice old lady, always in a good mood, smiling and friendly. For me it is - enlightened leader. Calm down! I have in my mind and did not fall prostrate when I saw her sitting on a bench near the entrance. Let me explain why I think so.

First Grandma Luba decorated windowsills on our floor and our porch pots with flowers. Handsomely. The next day, the brightest colors - those with buds - stolen, and near the subway could be seen nimble traders with pots of flowers granny

. The neighbors decided to put a lock and intercom at the front door. But she hung on the walls of the frame with the sayings of the great, awakening the conscience and act as commandments. Again, I put the flowers on the windowsill. Comfortably.

The staircase began to get rowdy teenagers. Grandmother Lyuba went out and ... offered them water or tea. They laughed for a long time. Poobryvali flowers and turned the frame.

The next day, she again put the flowers back under the previous view and put it on the windowsill of the book. Classics. Came teenagers. Galdeli, noise. She went out and invited them to tea with their buns, appetizing and delicious smelling. The boys could not refuse. And even dragged along with the promise of the book read. Flowers are not touched, the frame too.

The next day she brought a plastic bottle with water, so that everyone who decides to take care of flowers, could pour. And new books. In the evening we came teenagers poured water on each other, laughed and chattered. Grandmother came back to him and offered tea, buns, took the bottle and filled it with water and asked them to water the plants.

The boys began to come into the entrance of each day, the neighbors were outraged, even once called the police, but the grandmother said that it is, they say, to her, her students came for books, distributed at policemen book confused adolescents and conducted police: "From God! »

At the entrance there was a bookcase. And next announcement: "Please! If you have a house there are interesting and important books you have read, share! Please! And those who took to read, please return for those who just may be necessary and important! »

Cabinet filled with books. Flowers appeared on the windowsills on all floors. Beautiful frame with quotes too. Every evening, the entrance door to the building began to leave open.

In the evening you could see on the stairs of teenagers reading books. Grandmother put on the windowsill a few small lamps, that they should be easier to read. Children sitting in the entrance to activate the flashlight, and it was lighter than usual.

Grandmother died. On the ground floor of our house to open a club for children and teenagers. With a library and flowers on the windowsills. The symbol of the club became a flashlight.



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