The track in the US will get a "smart" road surface

The Department of Transport of Missouri with the US in partnership with a startup Solar Roadways plans on a trial basis to replace the portion of the asphalt pavement on the road 66 to cover with built-in solar panels.

Solar Roadways has developed a solar panel on which you can walk or ride. They are made of special hardened glass, which can withstand the weight of the tractor unit and have a rough surface, the strength of adhesion equivalent to the asphalt. In addition to solar panels built in LED lights, by which will be done marking lanes on the highway and the boundary lines along the roadside. Further, mounted in the panel heating elements, preventing accumulation of snow and on ice them. Microprocessors, also embedded in the panel, allow them to "communicate" with each other, with passing cars and a central control station.

The panels are made in the form of hexagons area 0, 4 square meters. Their nominal power - about 36 watts, but, of course, possible power will depend on the weather, time of year, time of day and other microclimate factors. With the help of "solar" road surface can be recharged electric vehicles, besides the coating will be easy to fix - just replace one hexagon.


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