Story Time: Interesting Footage, discover a new side of the Past

People are always attracted by all that is shrouded in mystery, and they have a desire to her raskryt.Eti rare photographs acquire a value for each of the beholder from the fact that when you look at them you can touch history, to lift the veil of mystery and become one of those whose gaze introduced earlier unknown pictures. We suggest you go back in time and explore the different corners of history and borrowed a lot of new and unexplored.

She looks at his image on the screen, 1950

Emancipated flepper girls posing on car background near San Francisco, 1923

The funeral of Jan Palach, who set himself on fire in protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Prague, 25 January 1969

Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Lasse Hallström on the set of the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", 1993

Eiffel Tower at dusk, 1932

Automatic machine Michael Owens for the production of glass bottles, 1910

Oleg Vidov samples from the director's role on Shurika Gaidai in the film "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" 1964

Chewbacca smokes without its upper part, while the R2D2 giggles of Playboy T-shirt, 1976

Russian Showcase store in London in 1915

The owners have written in huge letters: "We are Russian," that the English do not confuse them with the Germans and ransacked

. Retro erotica, 1920

Empire State Building in the background of other buildings, 1941

Girl waiting for the train, Chicago, 1960.

American actress of the silent film prewar Phyllis Gordon and his cheetah

Girl runs on IBM 360/85 computer, January 18, 1971

The opening ceremony of the Woodstock festival, 1969

The foot of an elephant on the head of a magician, 1938. Let's hope that he survived

Shooting of "Godzilla", 1954

British soldier talks to a small boy. Northern Ireland, Belfast, 1971

November 19, 2002 in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa, the opening of the monument to Alexander Pushkin. On a marble pedestal are carved the words "Our poet"

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