CrossFit instructor from Perm disgraced US Marines!

Instructor Permian fitness club Viktor Makurov during the filming of commercials unexpectedly broke the world record for the number of pull-ups in one minute. And not just broke, but really smeared the previous record holder! < Website publishes details.

Taking off in a public service announcement urging young people to engage in sports, fitness instructor Perm Victor Makurov decided at the same time improve my personal record in the number of pull-ups in a minute. Yes so I broke that at the same time improved the world record, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. And how to improve! The previous world record was 50 pull-ups, and Viktor 60 seconds made the whole 67!

The winner of the previous record was a US Marine Michael Eckert, who established it in 2015, at a special show at the US military base in Japan. Well, a simple Russian guy Victor Makurov not even want to communicate with the representatives of the Guinness Book to secure their achievement. After all, he set a record just for themselves, but in the near future is going to improve it, podtyanuvshis 70 times per minute.

When asked how he managed to achieve such impressive results, Victor replied simply: exercise! < «To be strong is very important, - he says. - I train every day, sometimes even twice a Day »

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