A fire in a nightclub in Perm (13 photos)

The signal about a fire in a nightclub "Lame Horse" on ul.Kuybysheva Perm entered the night of December 5 (23:08 MSK December 4). At this time there was held a party dedicated to the 8th anniversary of the club. Total room were about 250 people. According to the MOE, as a result of a fire killed more than 110 people.
Two criminal case under part 3 article 109 of the Criminal Code (causing death by negligence to two or more persons) and Part 3 st.219 Criminal Code (violation of fire safety rules, resulting in the death of two or more persons). The investigation is preparing to indict the four suspects in the case of a fire in a nightclub in Perm.

The representative of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is facing a weeping relatives of those killed in the tragedy in Perm nightclub. (Sergei Ilnitsky / EPA)

Grieving relatives of victims of a fire in a nightclub in Perm, read the lists of the dead. Fireworks, running in a closed room of the club, was the cause of a fire that killed at least 109 people. Many were killed in a stampede in an attempt to get out of the night club on December 4. This fire is considered to be the largest since the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Mikhail Metzel / AP)

People lay flowers in memory of those killed at the nightclub "lame horse" in Perm. (Misha Japaridze / AP)

Police guarding the entrance to the nightclub. (Sergei Ilnitsky / EPA)


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