It is a strange place Kamchatka

At the head of a long and firmly stuck idea to visit this place of worship. And here, in St. Petersburg, this visit has implemented this idea. And pulled me there for a reason, and the memories of adolescence, when the ranks of fans of Victor visited a lot of his concerts, including the final in Moscow, as well as the desire to plunge into the atmosphere.
Kamchatka in the boiler room at the subway station Sport novigator brought us in about 7 minutes.

And even at the approach to the desired home, all the neighborhoods testify to the truth of people's love for Victor.

Made by fans.




7. The club is located in the former boiler house, where he once worked stokers such iconic figures as Viktor Tsoi and Aleksandr Bashlachev.
And here is the entrance to the club, located in the basement scanty.

8.Ryadom to the entrance plaque mounted fans.

9. Log in & quot; Kamchatka & quot; free, photograph, film, or just sit it is not forbidden.

Periodically, the club hosts concerts, which already have to buy tickets.

10. Just here on this small but a spiritual scene.

11. In the club you can enjoy a wonderful Vasileostrovsky beer, buy memorabilia magnets and other souvenirs. Here are just a bite to eat there, you can just let chips crackers. (Prices are quite high, but was not sorry, because enthusiasts put enough work in this club)

12. A finding of the club accompany recording of Viktor Tsoi, played this unit.

13. The club is dedicated to virtually every millimeter of the legendary star.
For example, a 12-string guitar Victor.

14.Vzglyanuv a collection of CDs, cassettes and LPs, I remembered that part of the same and I have survived.

15. typewriter, remembering the fingers of Victor and his poetry.

16.Nagrady group & quot; Movie & quot;


18. Photos

19.A here is the firebox. (Guitar, shovel, according to sitting in the club, giving fans)

20. Thermos with whom Choi went for a beer, which, according to the club's regulars, subtle plug for consideration for three.

Sit there, though, it can only be on the bench for the scribbled pokotsali table.

22.K room adjoins a small room, so-called & quot; sandwich & quot; (or dayroom stokers), which corresponds to the whole entourage of the club style.

23. In the same window of the tiny room can be seen only the legs of passing the object.

His impressions of the visit is left in a special

25.Polistav this same journal, I found it not only records but also drawings

Although the daytime, in the club, and was attended by visitors, and completely different ages and, judging by their appearance, social status. She noticed a man with a woman under the age of 60, a woman of 40 years and son of primary school age (and, boy kept asking about Choi), a campaign of obvious hard workers (who arrived in their words from Rostov), ​​etc.

In general, the visit itself was satisfied and, by purchasing a commemorative magnet, went further.




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