CrossFit - what it is and what it eats?

There are many ways to educate the will, you can quit and go to the candy, or refuse to eat after six, and an hour a day, you can hang on the bar and buy a dream body. Krossfitery - in the subject.
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CrossFit in the first place - it ultrapopulyarnaya fitness program based on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, designed to nurture the body and spirit.

Main reason why the new direction so quickly gaining fans is that training does not require anything other than rope, horizontal bars and dumbbells. You can engage in any clearing, on the beach or in the park, on any available patch of your yard.


CrossFit invented Californian Greg Glassman and in 2000 founded a commercial company in the fitness industry of CrossFit, Inc. On the first day of existence, the company promotes a healthy lifestyle and philosophy of physical development. Within a few years the movement krossfiterov spread worldwide, and today is engaged in the promotion of CrossFit such famous giant like Reebok. Sport brand has launched the sale of a special container where there is rope, dumbbells, equipment for the bar, mat and so on. It can freely migrate and engage in a park or public garden.


In Russia this kind of fitness is gaining momentum through the nose, for example, the organizers of the Summer Cup 2014-functional all-round "Heraklion" videozayavki received from more than five hundred potential participants, including 170 athletes selected in three directions - veterans (men aged 40+, women - 35+), professionals and amateurs. Among the fans were many students who are engaged in CrossFit just a few years. For each category of the competition took place in several complexes: the veterans were three of them, the professionals - six, and among fans - two.


Functional all-around combines all the best from the world of sports: running (sprints) and power loads (barbells, dumbbells, barbell); swimming and boating (on special trainers in CrossFit halls); stretching and exercises on the rings. And even flipping huge tires! These disciplines are included in the circuit training program consisting of constantly changing strength exercise of high intensity. Regular exercise should not only improve the shape and nurture the will, but also to prepare krossfitera to any situation, whether it is a race to 5 miles without training or attack by local hooligans.


It would seem hard to find the strength to daily intensive training, why CrossFit is so attractive for the growing number of people of all ages?


In fact, there are many reasons, it all depends on the goals that puts people. Someone just wants to do fitness and CrossFit helps the body to develop harmoniously. No wild "pumping" is a uniformly developed people, with a good figure. There are those who set themselves the task to develop a high performance sport for them, in addition to the interests of fans, laid back and competitive principle. This is not a boring workout at the fitness club, namely competition, all the exercises are performed collectively, with the principle of competition. Moreover, all exercises do not require any sophisticated simulators. Everything is simple, useful and necessary in life. That's it!
- A representative of the organizing committee of the tournament "Heraklion" Nikita Kondratyev


Exercises usually last no more than 20 - 25 minutes and are included in the so-called "complexes of the day» («workout of the day», WOD). In training, there are three basic types of load:
W - exercises with weights (weight lifting, weightlifting, weight lifting);
G - gymnastics (bodyweight exercises);
M - training of basic metabolic functions ("cardio").


You can choose to find a job for a day on the site with an indication of the type of load. For example, the complex "Cindy" includes 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and sit-ups for a minimum of 15 times. Complex or "Lucy": 5 pull-ups, 10 Burpoe (jump knees to your chest, push-ups and jump up), running the 400 meters. And this must be done 5 times (rounds). To perform these complexes requires only city stadium or park, but a horizontal bar. The lack of a sports equipment - not a reason to abandon the CrossFit - there are a lot of exercises with their own weight, for example. Most importantly - it's high intensity, minimal time spent on exercises, and short pauses between rounds


Engaged in the hall rocked learned about CrossFit and just decided to try it! First of all, I was attracted by the fact that you can check out their great abilities, both physical and emotional. Functional all-around - a very hard sport, anything heavier than I was engaged. Prospects at CrossFit most that neither is grand, I think. I think it will soon become mainstream!
- Master of sports of swimming, the participant "Heraklion" Aleksander Zborowski

In perspective of the popular destinations in Russia doubt is not necessary. Summer Cup "Heraklion" proved that its main representatives - the boys are strong, both physically and emotionally. A new challenge will take participants to the Winter Cup "Heraklion", which promises to be even more massive.


CrossFit - diet

Any diet - it is always immutable principles, plus her imagination originator. And diet krossfiterov no exception. These principles held by people who have agreed to give up burgers captivating and seductive donuts in favor of a healthy lifestyle and longevity, regardless of sports specialization. The principles are easy to digest, and you can start to follow them today! Well, or Monday.


1 Eat at least 3 times per day, including "healthy" snacks;
2 Eat only raw, ie Perishable foods - no semis!
3 Basis of Dietary should be protein - lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, seafood, cheese. Then - slow carbohydrates - buckwheat, brown and black rice, vegetables of all kinds. Excessive use of fresh fruits and greens is not forbidden!
4 stocking dried fruits, nuts and berries. This - the best snack and fuel for the brain;
5 save on harmful "joy": crackers, chips, candy bars, sodas and other nonsense - nothing good except satiation, will not bring.
6 Love your body and never feel sorry for yourself. CrossFit to help you!


















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