13 situations that women understand only low growth

There is nothing wrong in the fact that some of us are of high growth. After all, people have to be different. We are in the Website are confident that all the girls are beautiful, regardless of their size.

Nevertheless - and low of the fair sex will agree with us - growth can deliver small inconvenience. The best way out of the embarrassing situations - is to take them with humor

cooking dinner for me -. A quest

And I do not look in the mirror, because it simply does not get to him

Camping Food resemble climbing lessons

A shopping - Adventures in Giants

But here so I can save money on socks

< br>

And can effectively hide even in shallow pool

Any chair for me - it's a real carousel

I do not see the scene, but so what? Listen to music, and do not look

I was literally can rely

My friends and awesome looks together

I - a great driver! A peak from the sun - even for wimps

I also deftly managed with washing

I do everything myself. Well ... or almost own

But all this does not stop me just to be happy.

Photos on the preview: Common White Girl / twitter.com / JBtheawesomest / twitter.com

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