14 situations that all people realize the high growth


many people envy: you can easily get things from top shelves, the game of basketball requires a huge effort, but after buying jeans do not need hemming. However, those whose growth is above average, too, has its little inconveniences that await them at every step.

< Website offers to see what it looks like an ordinary day a tall man, and once reminder: the main thing - to treat every situation with humor

. So, be high - it is:

have a good reason not to wash my hair

cooking breakfast blindly

photographed in a pose in the mirror, "The Headless Horseman"

Drive the car "hands-free"

be able to be in two places at once

bowed before each door

In any case carry a knee

enjoy every second of the trip on the bus

< br>
give advice on the selection of clothes without leaving the fitting room stall

Moving computer mouse with one finger to her accidentally not to break

Anyway dislike compact equipment

< br> a look at the surrounding downward

to extract objects even from the highest shelves
< br>

Like everyone else, to love hugs!

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