What do women desire

Now there is a purely masculine and feminine nature. Therefore, we must be careful in their relations with each other, see each other's qualities. Now the male and female nature is very mixed, so you need to be careful and somehow hedging each other.

What do women desire? History №1.

If a man does not show determination, a woman will not respect him. One woman told me about her friend. She has been married 6 years, and during that time her husband was doing just about anything for her. Maybe you've seen such marriages, when a woman is very beautiful - this is sometimes a very big problem (if the woman does not accept the correct role)

. And she was always dissatisfied. The more he did for her, the more she was dissatisfied. Eventually they divorced. And, a year after the divorce, in a confidential conversation, the woman said to her friend the following sentence: "This is at least least once shouted at me," This story is very clearly shows the nature of the female mind

. Desire woman can not be met simply by nature, they always will be expanded. Therefore, man should put the border, sometimes just to say, "No»

. Did you say all? History №2.

One woman told me about a conflict with her husband. They agreed that he will take it to the car somewhere. And he came out, waited for her, but he called friends, something happened, and he left. I forgot all about his wife - sometimes it happens. After a few minutes she gets all dressed, no car. He returned after forty minutes, thinking about what he and his wife agreed.

She gave him a scandal. They returned to the apartment, closed the door. And then it began. She screamed at him, screaming. He just listened to her, did not say anything. Then he said: "You said it?" "Yes." "Well, now we are gone." And I asked her later, "When he asked you this question (" Do you still say? "), That you feel?" She said, "But you heard the same, heard the same!" That is, the man is very important not to get involved in the emotions of a woman .

If a man starts to argue with her, he loses his respect, and once a woman realizes weak. He does not give her feelings restrictions. That man acted very completely in this situation. On the one hand, he knew that the mind should be free, so I just stood there, listening. Just quietly, distantly. Well, let them shout that now?

Male mind so can function. And then just hard: "You said it?" "Yes!" "Well then, go!"

History №3. On emancipation.

With regard to women's activity, emancipation. Also you need to take into account features of the psyche. Activity seen in many women, they want social realized. It should be realized outside, but in the family needs to take a different role. If a woman wants happiness in the family, there is need to play a different role. I read about Larisa Dolina.

It is well-known singer, member of the Public Chamber of Russia, it has a very active social life. She said: "When I come home, I'm getting weak." That is the culture. We need to help the man to become a leader. It is understandable that men often are not ready to take responsibility, because they are well educated. But the power of feminine charm is very powerful.

If a woman acts correctly, a man inclined to take responsibility. It emphasizes his strengths. She tells him: "You can. Do you have these advantages. I really like your quality. " Therefore, we must help each other.

If a man and woman help each other, they balance each other and hedging.

Author: Oleg Gadetsky


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