8 People Who turn their disadvantages into advantages and live in full!

Each of them in his own way was not easy. But all of them have managed to prove to others that true beauty comes from within, and it is not put into any canons. And each one of the eight managed to turn its flaws in this flavor.

1. Ciara Svaringer

Nineteen Ciara works on himself, getting used to not hesitate features of their skin. It publishes your photos in social networks with optimistic signatures to support "fellow sufferer" - and often is, she manages


Ciara was born with a rare skin disorders: lots of moles and birthmarks that cover all of her body. As a child, it is very hurt tactless remarks and jokes about the unusual appearance. Now, her posts in social networks are becoming increasingly popular.

2. Paige Billiot

This girl also was born a bit like everyone else - on the face she always had a very large birthmark, which always attracts attention. But that has not stopped her to fulfill your dreams!

In the 23 years Paige - has held an actress and director. And it is absolutely not going to get rid of its "lack of." She boldly lays out the Internet their neretushirovannye photos for all to see - it has nothing to be ashamed of


3. Lexi Harford

This girl is also now 23 years old, she is also a huge birthmark on his face, only on the right side. In school, she was very shy about this feature and always hid it under a layer of makeup.

Now the Briton was able to accept his unusual appearance, and as a sign that he was proud of his own face, began to publish close-up photos in Imgur network.

4. Giorgia Lanuzza

With 13 years she suffers from such unpleasant chronic disease such as psoriasis. Because of this, her body covered with painful little bright pink spots. Giorgia 10 years suffered because of ridicule and disgust the people around her.

Today psoriasis spots captured 97% of her skin. The very same Giorgia 10 years was able to accept yourself for what it is, and finally ceased to be ashamed of their appearance. She boldly publish their own pictures ...

5. Jacob

This is a student at New York College could take your skin defect with an incredible sense of humor. At Jacob polruki it takes a huge birthmark with complex contours. The guy turned it ... into the unknown continent map of the islands! He regularly leads round the contours of spots on your body handle.

In 2015, Jacob put pictures of their "cards" in the Internet and gained unexpected popularity among Internet users.

6. Harley Debbs

Her face and body are covered with scars after the horrific burns: the age of two Harley baby miraculously survived the fire. For many years, peers laughed at her because of her looks, and she lived in constant depression.

Today Harley Debbs realized that she has managed to do the impossible - to survive in spite of all predictions of doctors. Now the girl is a model of cheerfulness and optimism, and her photo posted to Instagram model Kylie Jenner, has collected more than 5,000 "likes».

7. Cassandra Naude

Do Canadians from birth under his left eye - a large black mole resembles a mask. When Cassandra was a baby, doctors suggested to remove it, but the girl's parents did not dare to surgery.

Now she has become a professional dancer, and thinks the feature is not a disadvantage, but the highlight of the bright, which makes it unique! She survived the period when the ridicule of peers brought her to tears, and today is proud of its unique appearance.


8. Melanie Gajdos

Cover Girl Melanie Gajdos is not like girls who daily publish known glossy magazines. She was 27 years old and she suffers from a rare genetic disorder - ectodermal dysplasia. This disease affects the development of skin, hair and nails, and sometimes on bone formation. Melanie went to a severe form of the disease, which makes it looks very precarious ...

But those who did not deter the appearance of a girl celebrate her rare charm and energy.

Melanie lives and works in the United States. Today, she takes an active part in various photo shoots. Despite the generally accepted standards of beauty, the girl managed to become famous and wealthy. World fame came to Melanie after filming the music video for Mein Herz brennt Rammstein group. Today, we must admit that this cheerful girl and failed to change the attitude of people is not only itself, but also such an ambiguous concept as


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