Here's how to actually look like a woman's body after childbirth. Shocking footage!

Dietitian and Mom newly formed New Zealand Julie Bhosel posted on his blog photos postpartum belly , than made a splash among young mothers. Confirmation of this - the incredible speed with which the images spread across the World Wide Web and became public. Julia is divided not only by their own experiences, but also supports many other women in labor, which is the same as it does not come from the family room and Thumbelina Barbie dolls.

For a nutritionist from New Zealand This is the second birth, and by sharing their photos in the blog post-natal body, she hoped for the support of several colleagues and friends in the community. However, she could not think that her pictures at an incredible rate spread among parents worldwide!

Woman's body after rodovBlog Julia became interesting not only because of the personal pictures showing how to change a woman's body after birth, but and because of the expressed innermost thoughts, as well as the warm words of support for other moms. As a nutritionist, it emphasizes that the transformation of the body after delivery - is the norm for the body, and is opposed to the pressure on women who impose media


"As an expert in the field of public health, I felt a lot of pressure associated with the order to return their previous form. Everyone expects that it will be very easy and simple, but very often it takes time, - says Julia. - I really fought for it to feed her son breast, my self-esteem as women and mothers was very low. I got the idea that if I, a nutritionist, so I feel myself, what must feel and think other moms? »

After the birth of her second son dietician decided to share his "postpartum journey" with other parents. However, this message has reached far more people than expected. Julia admits that often cries while reading all the comments, but still falls to bed very late, as reads each message. Today, nutritionist and mom feels truly inspired and enthusiastic to help young parents. "I really hope that mothers who are reading this, know that they are incredibly beautiful and amazing!»

The changes that have occurred with the body of Julia after childbirth, may lie in wait for every woman. The main thing - to find the strength not only upset, but also to help and support other moms facing the same problem. How do you think, correctly I received the author of the blog? Share this story with your friends, which has already managed to make a splash on the Internet!


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