She put the spoon to the skin. Who would have thought that it works!

It turns out that not only spoons to slurp the soup! Ordinary spoon can become an indispensable assistant when it comes to female beauty. It sounds funny, but it's true.

We suggest you take a look at 11 tips for using spoons. Perhaps some of them will be a real discovery for you!

How to use a spoon for beauty
  1. Put 2 tablespoons in the refrigerator. To remove the morning bags under the eyes , spending several times with cold spoon on the skin.

    If you want to draw a perfect line of eyeliner, use a spoon. This will help form a beautiful curve.

    When applying mascara, turn the spoon under the lashes. Thus, the ink does not stain the skin.

    If you dropped the shadows and they crumbled, add a drop of alcohol into powder and Xpress shade spoon. When the vehicle is dry, it will be like new.

    Heated spoon hairdryer and attach it to the lash line on the skin. < curl lashes , bending them over the edge of a spoon.

    Bending spoons perfectly follows the line of eyebrow growth. Put your spoon and Tracings circuit eyebrow pencil.

    If you're not sure exactly where to apply blush, putting the spoon in his cheek. Begin to apply blusher under the spoon.

    Enclose and cover spoon nails. Your manicure will look more carefully.

    Pour in a spoon 2 favorite nail polish, mix them. Hold the spoon at an angle and attach to the nail varnish. The original marble manicure is ready!

    Apply a cold spoon to the place where a bruise formed. A hematoma is reduced and the skin will clear much sooner.

    The warm spoon is applied to the pimple and hold until it cools down. This will help get rid of the rash on skin.

    Take adopt these simple tips, and they help out you more than once. Like this? Your friends will also be interesting to read!


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