First she spread ground salt in a bowl ... see the results, you will want to do the same!

The new year is almost here, and if you have not yet begun to prepare for it, from the «Website» has a few inspiring ideas for decorating your home.

To translate these 3 great ideas to life, you will need only 15 minutes of time and a pinch of inspiration. In return, you get a real holiday atmosphere in my house!

How to decorate a house on New godSvechi with koritsey

These candles will fill your home this aroma of Christmas and New Year, and for their production you need only an ordinary thick candle, cinnamon sticks and hot glue!

Decorative vaza

This idea - my favorite! To make such a beauty, you need small decorative Christmas trees and buds, vase and salt.

Banks podsvechniki

These jars can be decorated with their initials or names of children and for the manufacture of jewelry you'll need a few cans, spray paint, and any device with which you can make neat holes in cans.

If you liked these ideas, be sure to look in the video detailed instructions for the manufacture of jewelry!

I precisely do these Christmas candles and a vase for your home to create a festive atmosphere. And what idea you want to realize?


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