Why pour banana peel water. Having learned this method, I was overjoyed!

Recently I talked about the vehicle, which is able to work wonders even with frail, sickly plants. < The banana peel for indoor plants -! One of the most effective fertilizer

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients that strengthen the roots of house and garden plants, seedlings revive and promote active growth and flowering of your green pets.

fertilizer from banana peels
  1. It is said that the banana pulp - is also very effective fertilizer! Softened 1 banana with a fork and zaley half a glass of water. If you need urgent help to perish the plant, it is a means of rapid return to life very quickly.

    A mixture of the pulp of banana and water can be poured directly into the ground!

    However, banana peel - a cheaper and affordable fertilizer than the pulp of ripe banana peel ... Pour water and let it brew for a day.

    Mix 1 part energy drink for plants of banana peel and 5 parts water.

    Water the plant regularly this magic bullet!

    What is particularly noteworthy, banana peel can be used as a basis for fertilizer several times! Pour water, peel back and be quiet, that the magic potion for the growth of strong and beautiful plants soon cooked again.

    My favorite dracaena almost died, but I took advantage of this fertilizer. The result amazed me - the plant is strengthened after a week of constant watering infusion of banana peels

    ! Tell a friend about this delicious recipe, gardeners will be very grateful!


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