Universal remedy for teeth whitening, polishing silver and even a shoe shine. 11 unusual ways to use banana.

After eating a banana, we used to send a banana peel in the trash, but that's 11 secret ways to use bananas that will keep you from it. The peel is useful in unexpected situations! Let's look at them in detail.

1. Polishing silver

Wonderful banana peel removes plaque with silver products. For this it is necessary to grind it into a blender with an addition of water. The consistency should be like a toothpaste. Sodium silver weight of this and you will see how much money brighten. Wash away the remnants of banana with silverware and polish them to give shine.

2. Shoe polish

Also banana peel have natural oils and waxes, which means that it can be used as shoe polish. To make shine the shoes need to rub them the white side of banana skin, then polish with a soft cloth.

3. Removing splinters

Banana peel can help get rid of splinters if other means do not help. You just need to make the inside of the peel to the area with a thorn. Then fix it in that position for 24 hours. Enzymes of the banana is not only a thorn pulled out of the skin, but also will heal the damaged area.

4. Healing scratches, burns and bites

Due to the presence of natural oils and enzymes, banana skin can also relieve pain from sunburn, scratches and abrasions, as well as healing the wound. Put your banana peel to the place burn or bite the inside, then lock it for a while. It can be repeated several times for faster healing.

5. Wart Removal

Banana peel has long been used to remove warts. It is necessary to make the inside of the peel to the wart and leave it overnight. After several procedures, it will disappear. Typically, to get rid of annoying warts must be from a week to a month.

6. Treatment of psoriasis and acne

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant disease, and banana peels can help relieve the symptoms. If you rub the diseased parts of the body, it will decrease the pain and the skin becomes less peel. To get rid of acne is also necessary to rub the skin of the inside of a banana peel.

7. Healthy Skin

Banana peel contains minerals and antioxidants that nourish the skin and revitalizes it. To moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles her then polish the inside of the banana peel.

8. Fertilizer for the soil

As mentioned earlier, in the banana skin nutrients include minerals, which can also be used as a fertilizer for plants. Particularly for tomatoes, peppers and roses. Grind a banana peel, then put it in the ground around the plant. Sliced ​​banana peel will also deter aphids from plants.

9. Softening chicken breast

Banana peel can also be used in cooking. To chicken was juicy and soft, enough to add to the roasting pan ripe banana peel.

10. Restore scratched disk

Due to the wax with the help of a banana can repair the disk. To do this, rub the scratched portion of its edible part of the banana, banana peel and then for 2 minutes. Then remove the remnants of the banana with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Once the disc is dry, it can be used again.

11. Teeth Whitening

The banana peel there are lots of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus, which are very useful for the teeth, and they act on the tooth enamel as a clarifier. You must first clean the teeth with a paste and then rub them within two minutes of the white part of the peel of a banana. Then again, brush your teeth to remove any remaining banana. For effective whitening enough to repeat this procedure 1-2 times a day.

As it turned out, a banana - it's not only delicious fruits, but also a universal means of satisfying the needs of the mass. Due to the presence of minerals, oil and enzymes, banana becomes an indispensable tool for the home. Now do you know about his little-known quality and can use them for their own purposes.

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