Great woman among us: 5 female names, whose power can drive one crazy!

Your name carries concealed information which can affect both the character and the fate of its owner.

After studying the properties of women's names , analysts have concluded that certain names are able to bring good luck!

Especially for our dear readers, we have prepared collection of names with the strongest energy. Find out what secrets they hide!

behalf Energy
Translated from the Greek name Alexander means "courageous", "defender." The owner of the name of self-confident, and endowed with a strong character. The girls with the same name make a successful career and often occupy high positions. The combination of the nature of hardness with femininity and mercy can provide an excellent Sasha female destiny. Energy of this name is one of the most powerful.

This is one of those personalities that combine the most incredible features. Anna compassionate, caring and cheerful, but it does not prevent her to be strong and unyielding character. Anna - the person to whom you can really rely on. The incredible power of this name has attracted a huge number of fans, and not in vain!

Anya will be an excellent support and support for her husband. Men, look, maybe among your friends there are the owner of this matchless name!

The ladies with the same name have a fighting character and a strong energy, as translated from the Latin victory means "victory", "winner". Often Victoria chooses a profession in which the result of work will depend only on her personal efforts.

Sometimes Victoria covers indecision, her inherent doubts about all the important events in her life. That is why it is the spouse chooses very long and carefully. Caring and strong man to help her become more confident.

Irina is very practical and has an analytic mindset. But this does not mean that her future career will be connected with numbers and calculations. Just Ira knows perfectly well what she wants from life. Irina can be a good diplomat, or a psychologist, she is able to feel the mood of the interlocutor and take advantage of that. Ira Life is full of interesting events. The representative of the fairer sex with the same name will not sit at home and bored, she boldly went out to meet new challenges and discoveries! Its name combines qualities such as hardness, cheerfulness and dedication.

Marina is not one of those who goes on about their emotions. The owner of the name cleverly hides his feelings and passes them through a sieve of reason. Often, all the dreams of leadership and desire to lead Marina holds in his heart, and in vain. Marina can build a brilliant career!

She almost never complains about his health and prefer to endure to the last, for fear of showing weakness. Marina inherent traits such as love of freedom and independence.

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