8 of the rules of growing basil in pots: Secrets gardener.

< Basil is not only beneficial emphasizes the taste of various dishes and gives them a unique flavor, it is also a powerful medicinal plant, has antipyretic, immunostimulating, antibacterial properties. Tea made from basil stimulates digestion and promotes weight loss even!

Eat basil can be in any form: fresh, dried, frozen. To ensure a long time himself and his family with fresh aromatic herbs, it is reasonable to grow basil on the windowsill Taking guidance from the «Website» , you will become an expert in this area!

How to grow basil
Start sow basil can be in the 2nd half of March - beginning of April. Of course, in a warm room, and the seeds germinate in February, but because of the short daylight hours greatly elongated shoots. In this case, the need to be extra lighting.

Prepare a suitable container. Nutrient substrate can buy ready-made, but you can prepare yourself by mixing equal parts of vermiculite, perlite and peat. Grist soil in the pot, gently press down and then moisten with water.

Sow seeds at a distance of 0, 5 cm from each other (the amount depends on the capacity). Few prisyp their land, but not too thick, cover with foil and place the pot in a sunny place.

When the above-ground shoots appear first, the film can be removed. Do not forget about the daily moderate watering in order to avoid drying out the land. I, for example, not to overdo it with water from a spray irrigated substrate 2 times a day. When the first true leaves, spend the pick to provide free seedlings to grow stronger.

When the basilica will be the 2nd pair of leaves, the plants can sit on a separate pot.

In the Basilica of fibrous root system, mind you this when choosing pots. For 1 Bush needed a medium-sized container capacity of about 0, 4 liters.

To bush remained lush and beautiful the leaves retain their taste, do not miss flowering basil. Buds should immediately pinch off with a pair of leaves.

Basil considered disease-resistant plants, but with a strong water-logged soils and low temperatures may occur fungal diseases (black leg, fusarium, gray mold). As a precaution, make good use of the spray infusion of onion peel: peel zaley boiling water in a ratio of 1: 4 and let it brew for a day. Serious enemies among insects have no basil. If takeaway pots on the balcony Keep the plant has not got a caterpillar-stick or aphids.

For the cultivation of fresh herbs on the windowsill choose compact fast-growing varieties. Also, do not forget to pinch off the tops of strongly stretched out shoots to bushes looked fluffy and attractive. And most importantly, water basil Nedolya better than pour

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