Fastest everyday hairstyles: 5 minutes - and you are the embodiment of femininity!

Splayed hair flowing freely over her shoulders - beautiful, but not the most comfortable option everyday hairstyles. But this does not mean you have to constantly go to the boring ponytail or braid ...

«Website» offers 10 everyday hairstyles , which you spend no more than 5 minutes, but every day will be able to surprise others in a new way!

Simple hairstyles for each denDlya greater clarity, all the instructions given in the pictures that you were easier to navigate. Work out in your free time in front of a mirror - soon you'll be able to build any style with eyes closed

low ponytail with torsion

One-sided weaving

Double knot

Greek hairstyle with braids

High tight knot

Bow of Hair

Twisted fringe

Volume bangs

Elegant low unit

Romantic weaving

Such styling and fit for special occasions: look modest and tasteful. And adding to the original hair accessories, you can create a bright and unique image!

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