When the doctor saw teeth 3-year-old child, he asked his mother one question ...

More than 93% of people of all ages suffering from the tooth decay! We know this disease very much, but at the same time is not enough ...

To an adult did not have caries, you must be prevented in childhood. Unfortunately, a regular brushing can not do, because the main cause of unpleasant disease - cariogenic bacteria

. These bacteria infect adult children, passing them through kissing and cutlery. Parents very often make fatal mistakes in the health of their children ...

Prevention kariesaNekotorye mom and dad do not really like to brush your teeth and do not make this procedure prodelyvat their child. There are other extreme: the parents force their children to rinse your mouth with soda solution for the complete destruction of the bacteria. From this unstable and breaks down enamel caries quickly destroys small teeth.

Also do not forget that sugar - the best friend of caries. Even drinks, on the packaging which is the inscription "no sugar", still contain it, although not in such large numbers. My mother gave to drink from New Zealand 3-year-old child and Coke without sugar, and as a result the dentist had to pull out 11 teeth boy!

Causes of dental caries in children
Streptococcal bacteria are transmitted from parent to child. Illness and stress during pregnancy, antibiotics. Malnutrition. Non-compliance with oral hygiene. Frequent and prolonged use of sweet time.

Here are some practical advice from an experienced dentist to help prevent tooth decay for both children and adults. We consider it our duty to tell about it!

Prevention of dental caries
Regularly brush your teeth not only brush, and floss. Do not eat sweet as the last dish . Sweets should be seizing the hard vegetables or fruit, then rinse your mouth and chew gum containing xylitol. Do not eat sweets, do not drink sugary soft drinks between meals. Do not eat sweet for the night. There are too sweet and too acidic drink beverages through a straw.

Carefully adhering to the rules of hygiene and respecting the culture of consumption of carbohydrates, you can never know what the decay! This should be remembered and parents kids, and those whose children have long grown. Share with your friends this desired article!


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