The secret of the world-famous fitness model: 6 exercises to firm and taut priests!

There are numerous methods to tighten the buttocks, but today we turn to a professional for advice. Amanda Lee is one of the most popular fitness models, but it has acquired universal fame thanks to the rounded buttocks
Today we will share with you the secret of its attractive forms. To maintain the ideal figure Amanda uses simple exercises that the power of each. Spend a little and you are training to emphasize its advantages!

Set of exercises for the buttocks
Squat with kick

Perform the exercise you need, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Slowly sit down, keeping your back straight, then bend the legs and do the kick. Repeat the exercise for each leg 25 times.

Bridge to the buttocks

Lie down on your back, put your hands along the body, begin to slowly raise your pelvis and squeeze buttocks. Keep an eye to the chest at the same time remained on the floor. Do exercise at least 25 times.

Incomplete squat

Begin the exercise, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Slowly sit down, watch your knees are level with the socks, and back straight. Going up to the starting position, bony knees before the end, remember that it is incomplete squat. Repeat the exercise 25 times.


This exercise is performed lying on your side. Slightly bending the knees, take one leg to the side. Do 25 repetitions for each leg.

High shell

The only difference between this exercise from the previous will be slightly raised above the floor of the foot. Repeat it 25 times for each leg.

Lifting legs up

Perform the exercise should be on all fours. Straighten one leg and try as much as possible to raise it up. Repeat the exercise for each leg at least 25 times.

For good results it is best to carry out this exercise every other day. If you think this article useful, share it with friends. Let them also learn how to prepare their buttocks beach season!


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