Gentle cleansing of the liver in 2 days: raisins, water, and no side effects!

Raisins contains a number of nutrients and trace elements, such as potassium and magnesium, are necessary for our heart. It also includes a inulin , which occurs due to liver cleansing of toxins.

Studies have shown that this natural polysaccharide helps to improve the general condition of the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the load on the liver. Also inulin can be obtained from foods such as artichokes, bananas, onions, garlic and Jerusalem artichokes.

Cleaning liver raisins is one of the most soft. This treatment is perfect for those who do not want to exhaust yourself enemas, diets and unpleasant-tasting products. < «Website» is divided recipe raisin water to cleanse the liver.

It is best to prepare her suit wrinkled, dark and not the most beautiful raisins. That it contains the greatest amount of nutrients.

How to Clean pechenIngredienty
100 g raisins water

Soak the raisins in warm water for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse it under the tap. Lay down your berries in a small container and zaley them up to the top 350 g of boiling water. Give them brew for 24 hours.

Drink this drink 250 grams a week on an empty stomach. Drink it must be for a month, while making a simple procedure: after the water drained, and all berries are eaten, you must lie on your side and put on a liver area a warm heating pad. In this position, you need to lie two o'clock.

Throughout this month, is to eat as many foods rich in fiber: raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole-grain bread. Also, do not forget to drink clean water.

Take care of the cleansing of your body and share the healing water raisin recipe with your friends!


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