How to make a film about the Russian in Korea

This story happened to me almost two years ago, in February 2006. And then I did not have pages on LJ, and I'm still writing with the hope of someday publish? No, just to share! Therefore, some sent by e-mail this story, someone told and showed photos. And now decided to put all the same with pictures and with a bit of edited text.
So day of February. In the morning my husband went on a business trip. Pretty beginning any joke! Well, I think two weeks of solitude in Korea - it's not so bad. Just think, you never know of any cases? But what works? Well the first thing - go to a big store and spend lots of money on a favorite. And then eat delicious. In the evening, all of a sudden call and say, "Here, you do not want to play in the crowd? Looking for Russian. What movie? Yes, these are the phone, call ". After some hesitation, trembling finger dial number: "Well, yes, Russian needed. How Much? Well, yes ... When? Today ??? At eleven-thirty the night? In Seoul? Um ... well ... I do not know, okay. I will come ».


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