Do you know what these stickers on the fruit? Hidden cipher will surprise you!

Each of us noticed this unpretentious little stickers fruits. Some even collecting them in childhood. But few know that these stickers are not just an element of advertising. They are, in addition to the logo, there is a small code that carries very important information for buyers.

How to choose fruits
Four-digit code, which starts 3 or 4 < br> This marking indicates the cultivation of fruit for intensive basis. That is, with a maximum application of fertilizers and other pesticides.

five-digit code, which starts at 9
This is a good sign, which indicates that the fruit was grown by traditional technologies. These fruits are considered organic.

five-digit code, which starts at 8
This is a sign of plants that are genetically modified. Studies have confirmed that most of the GMO can be called fruits such as melon, banana and papaya.

Be careful when choosing fruit in stores. It is best to wait until the season of maturity favorite delicacies and buy a really good product. If you think this article helpful, be sure to share it with your friends. And we have a lot of delicious recipes for you from fresh fruit!


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