Just put the onions in pantyhose to 8 months wondering Amazing Results!

Often we throw away large amounts of fruits and vegetables, not even having time to properly enjoy the taste of these fruits. For today's article our editorial staff has prepared a few useful tips that will help preserve the freshness of your favorite treats.

How to store products
  1. To preserve the freshness of the banana, wrap their legs with cling film. So they hold out longer than 7 days!

    Apples should be stored separately from other products. They emit a special gas - ethylene, which speeds ripening of vegetables and fruits.

    Here's how to freeze ground beef! Place the meat in the bag with a zipper, and give it a flat appearance. Then, using a wooden stick to mark the place where the stuffing will break off. Now you will not be defrosted every time a large amount of meat.

    To prevent drying out the cut the cake, put it on the slices of bread slices. If necessary, secure them with toothpicks.

    Place the onions in a nylon tights to keep it fresh as long as 8 months!

    Keep honey in a glass jar with a tight lid. In no case do not store in iron or enameled ware, honey from this oxidized.

    Store carrots in the sand is very popular among gardeners. Place the carrots in a box with damp sand so that the fruits do not touch. At 10 liters of sand used 1 liter of water.

    At room temperature, tomatoes retain freshness longer.

    Before you put the vegetables in the freezer should blanch them in water or steam.

    To preserve the freshness of green onions, place the bulbs in his water.

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