Just look at how the stones out of the kidney with the help of this natural means!

< kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body, because their function is to remove toxins and excess salts from the body.

In the course of his kidney functions are polluted. Deposits may take the form of mucus, sand and stones. To maintain the normal operation of this body, it should be cleaned periodically.

«Website» offers to try out one of the most effective cleansers , available in the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Cleansing pochekIngredienty
1 small bunch fresh parsley 1 small bunch fresh coriander water

we shall cut finely coriander and parsley, put in an enamel bowl. Pour boiling water so that it is completely covered in green. Put the container in a water bath and hold for 10 minutes. Take the dishes from the heat, drain and let cool. < drink 100 ml drink 1 time per day on an empty stomach. Keep in the refrigerator and prepare a fresh batch of funds if necessary.

Within 2 days you will notice that the urine color has changed. This is a sign that the cleansing process is running. A prerequisite of this treatment is the drinking regime.

Note that independently conduct such cleaning can only be for the purpose of prevention. If the stones and sand have already been diagnosed, treatment should be done under medical supervision. Pregnant women also do not recommend such procedures.

Of course, this does not fully insure against the formation of kidney stones, because the factors influencing this process a lot ... To prevent urolithiasis, in addition to receiving prophylactic agents need to reconsider their habits and more.

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