Undigested lessons of the past

The cyclic repetition of the painful past indicates that we have not learned the lessons of his life. Why is the relationship can bring suffering?

One of the reasons - we are trying to "change" the other, to control, manipulate, coerce - in the name of "their own good" ... according to our point of view

. And is it really so? How do we relate to the "difficult" people, especially if it's - our family and friends

Another reason - we ourselves have allowed themselves to become a "victim" of manipulation and control. Do we live in an authentic self-expression or execute imposed on us by the mental-emotional program?

Manipulation - insidious and often wears the mask of "the call for help", appealing to the "mercy" and "compassion." Manipulation in any form - is unnatural and is not in harmony with the evolution of consciousness

. How to build a harmonious relationship with others?

Some tips and tricks from Almine:

"Becoming a judge himself, without getting involved in a game for the sake of other people's petty pleasing others, you become an independent, self-sufficient and omnipotent creature».

"Never do anything against his will for the sake of others, blind obedience to others. Do only what you think is right. Never lose touch with the desires of the heart. Live only for inspiration. »

"It makes no sense to allow others to manipulate us and humiliate us. Otherwise, we become participants in the dissemination

violence. " "The greatest challenge humanity - to learn to love and live without pain without hypocrisy»

. "Dependent on the opinions of others tied their wings. Be free and fearless in his life flight. Act only

dictates of the heart. " "Other people's values ​​are not the criteria for judgment of our actions. Let independence from other opinions will be our conscious decision. »

"Do not expose yourself to communicate with people exhibiting unhealthy, excessive interest to you. As soon as you feel that the conversation begins to deplete your energy, excuse yourself and walk away immediately! »

"A relationship that does not enrich us can take away energy, and so we need to determine how they serve our development. What life lessons you extract from this relationship? If no, then rip them. »

"Abandoning pleasing someone and forcing someone to behave according to our expectations, we gain independence and peace of mind»

. "The key to excellence in relationships - surround yourself with only those who are for you a source of joy and inspiration»

. Author: Suren Ohanyan


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