75 tips for losing weight, which will help to strengthen the will power and make life easier

For anyone trying to lose weight, Site publishes the most important tips that are easy to apply in daily life: in the gym, in the office, at home, as well as during breakfasts, lunches, dinners and trips with friends to restaurants . Save this selection in your stream or tabs and re-read in a difficult moment. We believe in your success!

follow Pareto "80/20" rule
home their diet. About 80% of food consumed should be useful to your body, the remaining 20% ​​of the food can be your "stop-list": cakes, pizza, pasta, bread. Take time to plan the regular menu for the week and to think of a list of purchases at the store in advance. < Start a food diary, which will record everything eaten per day Find a friend or relative who will help you stick to a healthy diet:. Every evening to submit to him a brief report honest about what they ate that day. This will motivate you not to forget to control yourself constantly, and not just from time to time, when the scales show the number of unpleasant. Hang in the kitchen board, on which is written his marker weekly meal plan. Weekly, take pictures and compare themselves with pictures of the past weeks - so easy to visualize the transformation taking place in your body due to the daily care with respect thereto. When boredom, depression or stress cause cravings to eat "something delicious", find another way to improve your mood. Go for a walk, chat with friends, take a bath, read a book, do some yoga. < Take care not to sleep less than 7 hours per night. Fatigue provokes on unwarranted snacks and transmission of sports training. Do not wear baggy clothing that hides the contours of the body. Even when you're relaxing at home, wearing tight clothes, so as not to give himself to relax. In the refrigerator keep cut fruits and vegetables in such a way that they could easily grab a snack or with a job. Throw away all the harmful snacks from your kitchen cabinets and just never they do not buy. No chips, cookies, candy, crackers, sweet drinks. Has protected themselves from the temptation of readily available. On rabotePriglasite staff salsa or sports training instead of having to go to a restaurant or bar. < Keep on the table a bottle of water and regularly make a few sips. So the feeling of hunger blunted. In addition, take it with food from home, pre-planning your diet. Let this be the only healthy food. < Do not eat your computer. So you eat a lot more front of the screen. Set hourly reminders on the phone to make a short break - get up, walk around and stretch the muscles. It distracts from hunger. Wear comfortable shoes to replace gatherings with friends after work on walking. Come to the table employee to clarify the working moments, instead of having to write a question in the chat or send an email to a colleague about how you want to eat. FitnesMyshechnaya mass burns more calories than fat. It is therefore necessary to include in his weekly schedule at least three 20-minute sessions power loads. Go to workout with weights - when such training you will burn 400 calories in 20 minutes. Add to your workout sprint running - it will help get rid of fat tissue abdominal Add to your workout 5 minutes of cardio-loads to improve health and digestion.. Change the style of yoga to the more dynamic and power. Well suited Ashtanga and Vinyasa - they can be used not only burn more calories, but also to get a good stretch. < Do not stand just so. Squat when brushing your teeth, lunging and stretching while talking on the phone at home. Keep the dumbbells in the living room to while watching TV could make several power approaches. So you do not spend time in vain and improve your figure. ZavtrakDobavte smoothies in fiber-rich greens, avocados and berries - it will help you get enough and avoid hunger before lunch. < Never skip breakfast. This is the most useful meal of the day. Include in your diet from 10 to 15 grams of protein. On the morning of highly digestible boiled eggs. Your breakfast should be at least 10 grams of fiber. Low-carb diet to quickly lose weight. Limit the amount of carbohydrate at breakfast. Think about it you need bread, muffins and bagels. In order to measure a portion of granola, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, milk or yogurt, use measuring cups and spoons. Stop collecting breakfast "by eye" - so you will be able to control the amount eaten. Take baking Weekend useful bake desserts and muffins whole wheat sourdough. Such cakes convenient to take with you to work for a snack. Cooking pancakes, use helpful supplements: mashed sweet potatoes or spinach, berries and fruits. < Eat fruit instead of drinking juice: fiber gives a longer feeling of satiety. ObedGotovte double portion of food for breakfast, to use the leftovers for lunch. < Add the nuts and egg salad to increase the amount of fiber and protein. Prepare a large pot of vegetarian bean soup, pour in several containers and store in the freezer. Before going to bed and place one container in the refrigerator, and in the morning, take it with you to work. Heated in the microwave the soup will be a perfect lunch. If you can not imagine a meal without a sandwich, use lettuce and pita bread instead of slices of bread. Drink tea and water during dinner instead of soda or sugary juice. Dinner Gradually reduce the amount of servings. Use a shallow dish for serving. Chew gum while cooking dinner - so you will not want to have a snack or enjoy an extra spoonful of sauce. Use more spices, herbs, onions and garlic in cooking. So you reduce the amount of salt and oil without loss of taste for food. < Make Meatless Monday. Instead of eating meat dishes of beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans. Pour olive oil in a bottle with a spray. Spraying oil you use it less than usual. Frozen vegetables, mashed potatoes, add to soups and sauces - it will increase the amount of fiber. After eating half a meal, drink water and see if you are really still hungry or go there just because your plate is still food. PerekusPerekus should include 150 or fewer calories. In order to get rid of feelings of hunger in your snacking should be at least 5 grams of fiber. < Visit the protein snacks instead of candy. Always take the container with food from home to avoid the need to buy something in the shops or on the food court in shopping centers. Keep in your bag or office cabinet packages and containers with food for a snack. Nuts, for example, are a great snack option as improve metabolism and quickly eliminate the feeling of hunger. Most snack foods containing water: pieces of fruit and vegetables. Well suited for this purpose sliced ​​peppers, carrots, celery. < Eat more apples, they contain elements that suppress appetite. DesertyEshte little sweet every day to immediately meet the demand for sugar and avoid eating the whole cake or a box of ice cream later. < Instead of sugar in desserts, use fruit to add a natural sweetness. Add the vegetables to pastries. Zucchini, sweet potatoes and olives will be a great addition to muffins and cupcakes. If you always want sweet, you probably just do not have enough protein in the diet. < Learn how to prepare useful versions of favorite desserts Ice cubes fruit smoothie with peanut butter, honey or chocolate -. It will help those who can not live without ice cream. Replace the usual ingredients for a poleznyeVmesto mayonnaise use hummus, mustard, mashed roasted sweet peppers or homemade tomato salsa. The desserts instead of dairy cream cheese, use soy sauce tofu. Prepare homemade chips, sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower and parsnips. This is a useful substitute potato chips. Cooking porridge, use almond milk instead of skim cow's milk. Use pitas and tortilla chips instead of white bread for making sandwiches. Roulade stuffed with much more useful than a sandwich. Use fresh or frozen fruit instead of preserves and jams. In restoraneSobirayas to the restaurant, check the menu online and pre to select several options for healthy meals. So it will be less tempted to order something harmful under the influence of friends orders. < Choose dishes that are steamed and grilled instead of fried or cooked in deep fat. Before going to a restaurant a snack to be very hungry. Hunger and smells from the kitchen provoke us to order more than we needed. Always start your meal with a salad. This will allow you to quickly be satisfied with fewer calories. Stop order food fried meats or cheese as a snack. < Ask all refueling and sauces supplied separately from meals. so you can control your own calorie salad, meat or dessert. If you have a choice, instead of French fries make baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. Order a main dish with a side dish of greens or vegetables, rather than with pasta or potatoes. If you can not imagine dinner without wine, order a glass instead of a whole bottle. Before the food is served on the table, ask the waiter to bring you a container for take-away food. Train yourself to save half dishes in a container before you start your meal if portions at this restaurant are too bulky. < You are not obliged to indulge in dessert. Simply order one and share it with your friends.

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