This amazing dog every day saves the life of his 7-year-old master!

This Labrador from the US called Jedi. Every day the dog saves the life of his 7-year-old owner of chickpea Luke. How? Site tells the touching story of Luke and his trusty Jedi. 6299d62c18.jpg

That night Luke and the Jedi as always slept in the same bed. Suddenly the dog sensed that the boy is in critical condition - the child was suffering from diabetes. Mama Lucas, Dorrie, was sleeping in another room and did not hear the device beeped, fixing his son reduced pressure. Jedi immediately rushed into the bedroom to Dorrie, trying to wake her up as soon as possible - Luke could not wait

. Labrador always felt the chemical changes in the body boy faster than any devices. Soon the Jedi learned special teams to give Dorrie clearly understand what exactly is going on with Luke. When the dog feels threatened Luke, it takes Dorrie signal. First Jedi suited to his mother and gives her a colorful stick. After that, when the blood sugar level reduced boy dog ​​lies down on the floor, under elevated - raises a paw up

. c42ee37561.jpg


saves the life of a Jedi Luke for more than three years.




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