10 can not be funny books for those who are learning English

All teachers as one does not tire of repeating: to learn anything necessary so that the process is a pleasure, and foreign languages ​​are no exception. And one of the greatest pleasures in life - laughter. Just imagine what it is: a good laugh at a joke that you read in English, and most importantly - to understand! This is an occasion to be proud of and, yes, - double pleasure

Website has found 10 simple and hilarious books for those who are learning English..

«The Gun Seller" Hugh Laurie /
«The Gun Seller» Hugh Laurie wrote the Book of the very Hugh Laurie, who gave us the unforgettable Dr. House. It turned out perfectly: simple elegant style, subtle jokes (this British humor, by the way!), Charming characters and witty observations


«Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K. Jerome / «Three Men in a Boat» Jerome K. Jerome story of three friends, go camping along the river, to this day remains unsurpassed example of English humor. For those who have just started to learn the language, it will be difficult to read, and who mastered the "average" level - just


«Bridget Jones's Diary" by Helen Fielding / «Bridget Jones's Diary» Helen Fielding Lonely Woman Seeks Lifetime. But with whom? And most importantly - where? Relatives - bored at work - it is dangerous. But Bridget enchanting ready to take the risk! The book has collected so many awards that needs no introduction.

«Wyrd Sisters" Terry Pratchett / «Wyrd Sisters» Terry Pratchett The King is dead, long live the king! Just what kind of live the king? The one that has turned into a ghost? Or his killer impersonator, who moved slightly mind? And then there's the earth alive and witches, and the heir, moonlighting as an actor ... No, we wash our hands. Read themselves. It is desirable in the original.

«Do you remember me?" Sophie Kinsella / «Remember Me?» Sophie Kinsella Lexi woke up in the hospital and can not remember anything: how to get here than lived the last three years, as the time to develop of ugly-beautiful losers in a steep career and her husband, a millionaire. And to enjoy, so no: cockroaches in my head told to all to understand. It is read in one breath.

«My Family and Other Animals" Gerald Durrell / «My family and other animals» Gerald Durrell No sarcasm or ridicule: good humor and even intimate, but no less funny. Read - and relax the soul, everything is so cute. And most importantly, everything is clear, to read need a relatively small vocabulary.

«The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams / «The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy» Douglas Adams Admit it, you'd expect to see it here. This book is a bit more complicated the rest of the books in our collection, you will need to read exactly the dictionary, but it's worth it - the original all the jokes are perceived differently than in translation


«paradise somewhere near" Fannie Flagg / «Can not Wait to Get to Heaven» Fannie Flagg book wise, kind and funny at the same time. Here Elner climbed a fig tree to pick the fruit, and in the next moment is already actively communicates with God. On Earth, without it starting to happen is!

«Flawse or blood ancestors' Tom Sharpe /« The Throwback »Tom Sharpe Tom Sharpe - a special phenomenon in modern English literature of humor, with its own unique style. One father and son Flawse fall in love with my mother and daughter. All: the same life will not be! You need to read the dictionary, but look at him five times a page is not necessary.

«White Tiger" Aravind Adiga /
«The White Tiger» Aravind Adiga The book caused a wave of emotions in the world: some people are outraged, others applauded. A book on India, such as it is: a country where the light is always recedes before darkness and fear and horror go hand in hand with fun and jokes. The style simple and intuitive, no highly complex grammar and difficult words.

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