How Today Looks Boy Celebrity Photos "Hand of Hope"

In 1999, the story and impressive photo spread all over the world. During the ultrasound revealed that US residents of a baby with a defect of the spine, because of which he will never be able to walk or even sit ...

Surgeons took to do the most complicated operation: eliminate the defect of the spine at the tiny baby still in the womb, to give him a chance

. It is a risky operation took place successfully ... and suddenly at the end of the cut seemed tiny infant grip, which squeezed the finger of the surgeon, as if pleading not leave without help!

This touching moment was in a lens operating in the photographer. The picture titled "The Hand of Hope" was known all over the world.

The operation to remove the defect was successful. Samuel Alexander Armas was born on December 2, 1999. So the boy was in 2012.

Today it is already 16 years old. Despite some limitations, which have to comply with the boy because of remaining problems with the spine, it can be considered lucky, that the timely intervention of surgeons gave a full life. Samuel plays sports and even boasts the first awards for participating in a basketball game.

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