The machine for water treatment generates electricity and distributes free Wi-Fi

Italian engineer Attizani Marco (Marco Attisani) developed Watly system - a machine for water purification, capable of servicing a settlement in 3000. The device is equipped with a solar battery - it turns a dirty river, sea or waste water into drinking water, while producing enough energy to give away Wi-Fi in a radius of 1 km

. Attizani project successfully addresses three major concerns of developing countries: access to clean drinking water, electricity and internet. According to international organizations, around the world 783 million people lack access to clean water, 1, 2 billion have no access to electricity, and 4, 2 billion have no opportunity to use the Internet.

This Watly designed not only for Third World countries. The device is suitable for many settlements experiencing problems with access to drinking water and located in the regions where there is a large number of sunny days per year.

For Watly suitable with any level of water contamination - even sewage. All that it needs to work - it's dirty water and plenty of sunshine. The current prototype device weighs 15 tons and looks like a big tent in the shape of the letter H.

Interest in the development have already shown Attizani US, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia and some countries in Africa and South America.

In 2015 Ghana passed the test model Watly 2.0, based on which the company Attizani received € 2 million investment from the largest EU research innovation program Horizon 2020 and the Berlin accelerator European Pioneers.

Now the company plans to raise $ 75 thousand. Additional investment through Indiegogo site.

Construction Watly commercial version costs € 400 thous., And, according to Attizani, these costs must be covered from the budget of governments and large companies of the countries concerned. "We do not expect that this car will buy the people themselves, who do not have access to drinking water," - says engineer

. After the initial scan Watly able to work without any costs up to 15 years. During this period, the machine will supply 3 million liters of clean water per year, electricity to power thousands of external devices and distribute Wi-Fi within a kilometer away from you.

The internal device Watly used airgel and graphene, which strongly distinguishes it from other devices for water purification. However, according to Attizani personally pleases him most is not only the ability of the machine to clean water, but also provide access to the Internet without power.


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