Scientists have proven that working more than 8 hours per day is very bad!

It may seem that the famous and very ancient Russian proverb seeks to justify laziness and lazy. But no! Site in a hurry to convince the reader that the folk wisdom of law and confirmed by the scientific experiment! Known refuted the stereotype American scientists from the University of Massachusetts. For two decades they studied the work schedules, thousands of people in various enterprises. And it turned out that the unnecessary hard work is harmful to health. It is even more detrimental than alcohol and nicotine. Calculations have shown that a person working 11 hours a day, up to 70 percent more likely to have a heart attack. In addition to heart disease, about 60 percent of those who work overtime, often ill SARS and get a variety of injuries. At the same ills does not depend on the nature of the work performed. It turns out that the rights of Russian proverb "From the work horses dieĀ».

Another attack discovered by scientists from the University of Otago in New Zealand. They found that even a 10-hour day can cause a tendency to alcoholism. The more people work, the greater the desire to relax. And do it the easiest way with the help of alcohol.

< More healthy feel those who do not peretruzhdaetsya more than 8 hours a day.



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