27.04. Happy birthday, "Pampers"

1965 - Issued patent for disposable diapers "Pampers". The author of one of the most useful inventions in history is Victor Mills - chemist, who worked in the ¬ęProcter & amp; Gamble¬Ľ.
Victor has had three grandchildren. Faced with the change in practice diapers (to be understood, as a father, he was deprived of the pleasure), a happy grandfather saw - a lot of inconvenience and killing time. Because he, everything was advanced chemist, it was the following idea: "to throw away, do not wash." That is, I needed a disposable device of a material to absorb liquids well. I Used - removed - threw. I think whether it is the product of a different character, Victor would certainly have experienced it for yourself, but as age was not the same, the first diapers tested his grandchildren. The tests were successful, the first game was released. However, there happen to confusion. It was in Dallas, it was summer. And there it is hot. Below 30 Celsius are rare. And the first diapers were placed in plastic panties, contact with which causes the skin to the kids at such ambient temperatures, severe irritation.
The developers took into account the lack of design and the next batch, released in 1959, it has gathered positive reviews. Thus began the era of disposable diapers.
Since then, the developers have given to the surface is not only much more efficient desiccant materials which minimize contact with the delicate skin irritants, but also diapers for different target audiences. For animals. For adults - race drivers on long distances and astronauts quite willing to use this product
. So now the inventor could personally assess the advantages of the invention


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