The cure for old age: why are we so afraid to grow up

Sooner or later we all have to face with the realization of an important fact, which is easy to fall into depression: over the years, time flies faster. Days and years rush past us with all increasing speed, and the reason for this phenomenon can be explained mathematically. For the year-old child of one year - a whole life, and for forty years adult one year - only one-fortieth of their lives.

In essence, this means that we are moving with an acceleration towards the grave. But do not do this drama - "Theory and Practice" translated article Raptitude blog author on how to pay attention to the real-world objects, and not to think about them


Age begins to be felt in a new way about 34 years. '33 - It's almost 31, 31 for a couple of fun summers older than 29, and 29 - this is probably the ideal age at which everyone would like to stay longer

. 34 becomes a milestone of a completely different order. Soon will come 35 and one presidential election later - already 39, almost 40. At about this moment life reaches its zenith and begins to soften, though talk about old age is still very, very early

. However, the numbers do not mean anything. They are needed in order to mislead us. It is because of this property of the human mind in retail prices ending in 99, Monty Hall paradox continues to be topical, and the statistics opens up opportunities for fraud.

If you forget for a while about the numbers and try to objectively assess the changes taking place in the so-called aging, the results are very positive. With age, people become more calm, happy, wise and confident. They learn to extract more pleasure from the most ordinary phenomena, are less prone to crises and less amenable to fear. The number of problems is more or less the same, but there are solutions for them quickly. With age, the easier to handle difficult tasks.

"However, the numbers do not mean anything. They are needed in order to mislead us. It is because of this property of the human mind in the price of retail end on 99 »

Nevertheless, society is constantly imposes on us the idea that aging need to be afraid. Allegedly, the older we are, the worse for us, and every day after the birth of the 29th should be seen as a small tragedy.

At 34 we are only beginning to comprehend the processes of aging, which are really declare themselves that way in the year 64. But there is every reason to believe that the above-mentioned positive developments with age will only grow - until his death

. Naturally, we have to make some concessions. In 5 years you could fall and get hurt, lunch and ice cream well then feel, the skin remains clean and smooth. Ahead of us waiting for the pain in the joints and other ailments - but, despite this, the age we gain more than we lose

. In the end, we really lose? And why do we tend to think that's bad?

First of all we must understand that we are not afraid of old age and what comes after it. We confuse old age to death, but in reality they are two different phenomena. It is foolish to believe that death brings us only old age. The fact that life is once finished, it is known to us at a very early age, and it can end at any time, thus immediately making all aging-related issues irrelevant.

Over the years, the body becomes physically weaker. But our state of health and level of fitness in the future is directly dependent on how much attention we pay to them today, at this stage of life. Even if you start to do fitness in 30 years from scratch, you will feel in 35 stronger and resilient than 25.

And believe me - there are still 65-year-old characters, which will be better and will be able to download the press to do more push-ups than you. Natural reserves of the body with age are on the decline, but the vast majority of us do not need them in their maximum volume.

In modern society, there is age discrimination. It's disgusting, but not to quite unbearable. This phenomenon is not a function of age, but rather a side effect of the existence of culture in which youth is overrated. In other words, to overcome age discrimination can not only miraculously pomolodev, but also in other ways. In many cultures in the past, and today is the age of reverence and respect.

We gradually lose physical beauty - at least in its most mundane biological manifestations (losing hair, cover the wrinkles). But under the condition of a particular job it can be compensated for progress in other aspects: to become more agreeable, more start to articulate their thoughts and learn to immediately dispose of his associates (if you, of course, there is such a purpose)
<. br> Let your beauty fades on the most superficial level - instead, you can develop charisma and appeal in any other sense. However, and external beauty can be maintained or even increased in the medium term. If you share these values, invest in their own health and engage in fitness.

"We gradually lose physical beauty. But under the condition of a particular job it can be compensated for progress in other aspects »

For women, characterized by a unique problem associated with age: the ability to give birth to healthy children is lost rather quickly. So the challenge to acquire the biological family is one of the few things that we need to understand as soon as possible (again, if you are pursuing the goal).

Personally, I am willing to come to terms with the fact that my physical qualities gradually taper off, but I'm getting more educated, good-natured, able and wise. There's no reason to think that I lose my these remarkable properties simply because of their age - unless absolutely already on the outskirts of the death

. Of course, the annual progress is impossible without the intention to progress each year. Self does not happen by chance alone. Much of that age supposedly robs us - health, opportunity, optimism, confidence, strength of personality - we really give voluntarily. If progress in important areas will be for you a permanent priority, then every birthday will mark the growth of your abilities and skills, rather than atrophy and loss.

However, if you tell yourself that your train has left in terms of fitness, it is really gone. The same will happen with the train in terms of work and your dreams, and the world tour, and writing a great novel. You are not late for the train, you just have ceased to perceive them as their own.

Many people feel very clearly the loss of opportunities. The range of what you could potentially do with my life, gradually narrowed to the extent that, as you find yourself caught up in the many commitments of the moment.

Perhaps that's not the age, and cultural norms allow their habits to stagnate once you turned 30. For this is the gradual degradation of the mode of progress in the maintenance mode. If you are dedicated to the career of 5 or 10 years, to switch to something new and better will be more difficult, because it usually means a pay cut.

We take care of family and work commitments, which can easily leave all our energy - in that case, if we once dared to remove the self-improvement of the list of non-priority discussion

. If you live life in the maintenance mode, then every year you retreat one step. If you're just getting older, without having to improve, the usual things and phenomena are becoming more and more severe.

The passage of time is not a problem for someone who is committed to over the years to improve every important aspect of their lives. Yes, still sometimes have to make concessions. But to say goodbye with a smooth skin and Olympic ambitions is easier when you know you are moving to wealth, wisdom, skills, personal freedom and self-control.

"Those who tirelessly cultivators are always satisfied with their lives so that it is constantly brought dividends of freedom and joy»

If you set a long-term goal, the age will present you excellent consolation prizes. For example, if you are going to come in the form of a marathon or double your income in three years, is it bad to be three years older? Diseases and physiological problems are inevitable, but they can be delayed due to long-term care of their health. And when they finally descend with them, you can learn to cope with the help of wisdom and spirituality - unless, of course, the development of these qualities before it became a part of your lifestyle

. A person engaged in self-improvement, creates a freedom - the freedom of the long-term. Spend five years on the transition to a job that will not drive you crazy, it may seem difficult in the short term but in the long term will be perceived much easier. Sweat on training harder than miss a workout, but if you look on the scale is not spent on the exercises hours, and all life, the practice leads to the attainment of greater freedom.

Anyone who tirelessly cultivators are always satisfied with their lives so that it is constantly brought dividends of freedom and joy. The only thing to take the right course and stay every year, developing their skills, increasing wealth and gaining wisdom. And then each next birthday will be no recognition of another loss, and the transition to a new level.


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