6 Actresses that are specifically put on weight for the sake of roles in movies and TV series

While Russian television shows the third season tragicomedy "Fizruk" with Dmitry Nagiyev, tabloids discuss the metamorphosis of the main actress parted with on-screen manner schoolgirl bbw.

< Pauline Grenz

The series "Fizruk" (2014 - present..)

The paradoxical role of Sasha Mamayeva, daughter of an oligarch, naive to the complete idiocy and openly despised in the class, but at the same time brave, good and fair, require appropriate appearance - and Pauline from the start turned into a plump "Naf-Nafa 'in baggy clothes.

And the actress struck fans the unexpected harmony last fall.

Pauline herself says that at the beginning of filming purposely recovered to 68 kg. Now he weighs 52 kilos and finally feels comfortable.

Compare photos then ...

…and now. Caption this spring pictures in Instagram: «For a week every morning I start with push-ups, presses, barbell and squat, nothing fancy, and the muscles get stronger again, getting ready to fly. That evening the forces come. And still want to eat, we have to exhaust yourself to not want to. »

Julia Snigir

The series "The Great", 2015

Actress puzzled mind all those who reproached her in the absence of an external resemblance to Catherine II - according to her, to disclose the identity and the inner world of the Russian Empress was much more important. Nevertheless, Julia had to gain 13 kg in order to find Catherine's become.

But how Snigir looked before and after the shooting: 2013th (left) and 2015 (photo: Catherine Chesnokov / RIA Novosti)


Vera Sotnikova

The series "Lyudmila" 2013

For the role of the Russian folk singer Lyudmila Zykina beautiful actress, having natural forms, recovered 10 kilos - every night, she says eating cookies with a glass of milk


According Sotnikova, it is always easily gained and lost weight, but such a "sweet life" and the body used to be difficult to lose weight after the show. It demonstrated the elegance of figure at the Moscow Film Festival in 2014 (left), but allowed herself to relax at "Kinotavr" in Sochi in 2015. (Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokov / RIA Novosti).

Jennifer Aniston

The film "The Cake" 2015

Literally just that the 47-year-old Aniston was awarded the title of the most beautiful women in the world in 2016, according to the magazine People.

But because slender blonde and loved by millions, is not afraid to look ridiculous and even plump and ugly as these photos from the "Cake" filming in 2014:

The actress said that for the sake of extra kilos gave indulge in eating and temporarily abandoned gym. The role also required almost complete absence of make-up - a dark circles under eyes emphasized by a shadow. Other beauty and might refuse, but Jen reacted to the situation with her usual sense of humor, calling the experience "refreshing».

After the shooting, Aniston immediately returned to her old (pictured right).

Michelle Williams

The film "7 days with Marilyn", 2011

When petite actress with boyish good looks have entrusted to play Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe, many were skeptical and even hostile. But Michelle coped with the role brilliantly and won the "Golden Globe" (Photo: Reuters).

During filming, she fully reincarnated as her character, by first thoroughly studied all her films and videos, gait, facial expressions and voice. And, of course, it is hard gained weight - eating, she said, all in a row. However, to repeat the well-known form, she still had to wear special pads.

At the presentation of the film Michelle again impressed everyone with his superstroynostyu.

Kate Hudson

Movies "The Killer Inside Me", 2010

"Something Borrowed" 2011

The actress and fitness guru, beating a bunch of romantic heroines enviable harmony, suddenly appeared quite different on the set of the two films.

Then she admitted in an interview that after weight gain says literally every calorie to get back to normal.

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