Handy from France created its own electric vehicle based on the Dacia Logan

If you can not buy a Tesla, do it yourself analogue

Photo: Alin Ionescu, Auto Bild

Mark Areni in 2011 sold all of his possessions in France, and moved to Romania, Pitesti. There he began work on the creation of "electric vehicle that can afford to any person, not just the elite." The basis of Areni took inexpensive model Renault, Dacia Logan 2005 release. The total cost of the project (with the vehicle - basis) was $ 13,000

. Author of the idea got rid of all the details related to the internal combustion engine and fuel in general, and replaced all the batteries, electric motor and related components. The project's author says that many chips inherent in electric vehicles Tesla (as, for example, a large touch-screen display) in his car there. But the electric car can travel 160 kilometers on a single charge (the price of travel at the same time is $ 1, 8). Full charge of the battery is carried out in six hours.

Photo: Alin Ionescu, Auto Bild

Why he went to Romania? To obtain authorization from the local regulator to use the car on public roads. Romanian Automotive Register (RAR) has already given the go-ahead. But in France, he was unable to get permission to travel on their DIY-electric vehicle (then - Porsche 944). After months of trying to reach an agreement, he surrendered. French regulator demanded to hold the front and side crash test, that is, the master had to destroy two cars before getting permission to travel to third.

Photo: Alin Ionescu, Auto Bild

In Romania, says Mark Areni elekromobil sort Tesla few can afford. But Dacia The, a second-hand version of the base, can be bought at prices ranging from $ 1000 to $ 3000. This, he added 20 kWh Li-Ion battery ($ 7,000). The electric motor, extra parts and power regulator can be purchased for $ 4000- $ 5000. Personally, for the creation of Areni electric cost of $ 13,000, as mentioned above.

Of course, 160 km - it's not much, but for the majority of urban dwellers and suburbanites, this option is ideal.

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