New Renault \ Dacia Logan 2012

Probably all of us know the car Renault Logan. Of course, this is one of the most common "people's" cars Russia. And in Europe, sales of Dacia Logan (aka Renault Logan), beating all sorts of records. But you know reading the reviews about the Renault Logan, people write much praised for not whimsical, for reliability, for a roomy interior for a decent ground clearance. But there is a BUT! Almost 80% of the readers of car magazines and websites, they write that the appearance of Renault Logan, to say the least poor, and many people write something to hide that he was just terrible. And now the company Renault, decided to correct this unfortunate injustice ... New Renault Logan, must appear in the 2012 - 2013 year. The company Renault, wants to get rid of the budget Logan model of glory. The manufacturer wants to completely rework the car, he will receive a high quality interior, new engines and style.

As can be seen from the pictures the car is approaching a car as Renault Fluence, both in design and in size. "Renault Logan in 2012, clearly will be a major player in the global automotive market," - said a company representative. But despite the new design and improved interior, Renault Logan in 2012 will be very attractive to buyers. Price Renault Logan in 2012 will start at 12 - 13 000 EUR (380 - 420 thousand. Rubles). What do agree very attractive. Opponents have a new model, Ford Focus, in the third body, and the Chevrolet Cruze. But they are much more expensive. Along with the new engines Renault Logan in 2012, will be completed and the old power units. There will also be a choice between mechanics and machine. Salon Renault Logan in 2012, will receive a climate - control that the previous generation was not even in the maximum configuration. The car is code-designation X52.




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