Glory Test: What happened to the Soviet actor of our childhood

For some previous acquaintance with the cinema was lucky ticket in the acting life, for others - a temporary fad. And someone has spoiled it all my life.

< Pavel Stepanov, 52 years old

He works at the repair master, sometimes in films

It is often referred to as long-lived children's newsreel "Jumble". Paul was filmed there as much as 38 years - until 2013. In addition to the comic project he played bit parts in various television series and movies. However, to receive vocational education actor Paul and could not - did not have time. Instead, having served in the army, star of "Jumble" finished Polytechnic Institute.

Today, man lives in Moscow and works in the "President-Hotel" master maintenance technology. From time to time Paul received suggestions about the shooting.

Olga Kazakova, 51 years

Do not remove, educates children 7

Girl Olga once starred in various films, such as, "Turn on the Northern Lights" (1972), "Strange adults" (1975). But the public remember the role of little sister Larissa in the movie "Mimino" and, most importantly, his phrase "roll-ka you sausage Minor Spassky»

. Girl predicted great acting future, but made a mistake. Filming Olga stopped. Today, a woman living in Moscow, working on radio and educates children 7.

Sergei Shelgunov, 46 years old

He stopped filming

Tall, with tousled hair and large features, he was one of the most prominent actors of "Jumble". I played and bullies, and a notorious nerds-athletes. Along with the humor magazine young actor starred in the film: "Journalist" (1986), "Dangerous Prize" (1986), "Five kidnapped monks" (1991)

. Despite good progress, a professional actor, Sergei did not become, gradually leaving the venture to build a career in the movies. Today, man lives in Moscow, does not give interviews.

Fedor Stukov, 43 years old

He became a professional actor

The red-haired boy Fyodor Stukov accidentally hit the screen: when he went with his mother on the bus, he saw an employee of the studio Gorky and Fyodor suggested lead to audition. Mom agreed and have not regretted: the boy was offered to star in the film by Nikita Mikhalkov "Several Days in the Life" (1979). This was followed by the film "Kin" (1981), where Fyodor played a girl and "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (1982).

After high school, the young actor entered the Shchukin School, graduating which began to realize himself as an actor and as a director.

Alexander Loya, 32 years

He became a professional actor

Launching pad for little Sasha served as "Jumble" and advertising. The most successful project that has helped to draw attention to the boy, became a movie about soda "Hershey-Cola" in 1993.

With this survey, and started big student acting career - Sasha was invited to the movies. The first work on the big screen role was in the movie "noble robber Vladimir Dubrovsky" (1988). Following showered "On Deribasovskaya good weather or on Brighton Beach Raining Again" (1993) and other paintings.

Unlike many of his colleagues in the "Jumble" throw the dream of becoming a professional actor Sasha did not. After high school he entered the theater and successfully completed his studies in 2006. He continues to make to this day.

Alex Fomkin

He stopped shooting, died at age 26

Frame from / f "Guest from the Future»

As the snow has fallen on the head of the glory of an ordinary Moscow student Lesha Fomkina after he was asked to participate in the first "Jumble", and then - in the film "Guest from the Future" (1985). After a fantastic tape exit Alex became the most popular in high school in the country. For "Guest from the Future" was followed by several other paintings, but after a while the novice actor stopped inviting.

The story ended in tragedy: bored on the sets, Alex began to use ........, and in 1999, died in a fire in an apartment in Vladimir friends


Shashurin Yuri, 45 years old

He ceased to be removed, running in traffic

Yuri and Alexei Shashurin Fomkin in "Jumble»

Partner Alexis Fomkina for "Jumble", famous monologue about the "dandelion field, the drug", Yuri Shashurin on his own admission, was able to stop in time to change direction.

As Lesha Fomkina one moment Yura was invited less and less to the shooting. However, unlike his colleagues, the young actor was able to quickly switch: matriculated, not related to the world of acting. Today Yuri worked in law enforcement - in the traffic police in the Moscow region. On the former glory of the actor-baby cop remembers.

Diana Shpak, 19 years

She became an actress

As in the case of Sasha Loye, acting the way the young actress began with commercials. The most popular in the early 2000s brought the girl participated in a series of commercials juice "My Family" with the actor from "Streets of Broken Lamps" Alexander Polovtsev.

It is in this video, the girl remembered the audience his catchphrase: "Dad, you pour and go away»

. Through advertising girl noticed and began to offer roles in movies and television series. So in the bank the young actress appeared such tapes as "Forest Princess" (2005), "Roly-poly" (2007), "Yulia" (2008).



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