Just be

< Patri

I have long been no dreams at night,

I learned to enjoy simple things:

To hear the music, not just rock,

I let the occasion to stand up for the threshold,

Not to be baptized every time from sin,

Take the state "in the offal»,

If coughing, only cigarettes,

Talk, do not hesitate to yourself, "How many years»,

Answers the question "where to go»,

To release, unless explicitly "not on the way»,

Kissing loud, warm campfire,

Jump into the water from the restored bridge,

Prepare a meal just to eat,

Do not be embarrassed to hear if it is flattery,

To speak the truth, not whispering, eyes,

Ask for forgiveness, release the brake,

Do not laugh at the stupidity, forgive yourself,

If you do something, it is only love,

Do not grieve over the past, looking back,

Simply be in a state of "anywhere."


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