< Leah Altukhova

It reveals you, collects the broken parts,
You Case-man, and maybe Kinder Surprise.
You almost gave way, and he got his happiness,
And six months so it stretches your pseudo-masochism ...

He finds you in your dreams, doubts and fears,
You shoot hundreds of masks with it and look inside.
Inability to leave again pushes on the block,
Inability to be near interfere with sleep at night.

You thoughtfully twist on the finger tousled curl,
He squinted silently clutching a dark wheel ...
Stripping detail zabereshsya back into its cocoon,
And the evening rain will respond embarrassed July.

Kiev sunset colors, orange-red adds.
To breathe again, he goes to the gym in the morning overcast ...

Night - the border, end, or maybe just the beginning,
How to solve this time the one who you are inseparably linked ...


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