10 books of the very love that changes the world

Who would not say that, but most of the actions with a capital people do for love. Or for the sake of it. Sometimes she turns the world upside down, change it beyond recognition, affecting everyone. And sometimes change the fate of individuals. In Afghanistan and sunny Italy, Germany and Argentina - all over the globe every day ordinary men and women suddenly realize that they can not live without this person and now are ready for everything, and each individual case - this is a drop in a sea of ​​change.

We are in the Website sure that love - the greatest driving force. Therefore, collected for you 10 books that just about it.

Khaled Hosseini -

"A Thousand Splendid Suns" Love - a great feeling. Deeply hidden, forbidden, secret, it will still wait in the wings. This book is about love, about the war, about sacrifice, about the power of women, of devotion. For all its seriousness book gives light as a feather hope that all will necessarily good:. The characters, the reader, each of us

Paolo Giordano -

"The Solitude of Prime Numbers" Lived in the world vicious boy-A student and a single, anorexic girl. We lived and met once. And immediately we realized that they share an invisible but very strong thread. The boy thinks that they - the prime numbers, the lonely and the lost; They stand side by side, though not enough to really get in touch.

Erich Maria Remarque -

"Black Obelisk" difficult years after the First World War, the provincial German town, the hero works in a company for the sale of gravestones. Money is not enough, the country's inflation, he earns playing the organ in the chapel of the hospital. Love, he meets there, in the psychiatric ward. Remarque This, my friends, and that's it.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez -

"Love in the Time of Cholera," Is it possible that, having fallen in love in his youth, a man will carry his love through his life? That love will guide all his actions? Yeah, maybe. It will take years to change the borders of states, will go out of use familiar words, and you will love it. Or him. Because more and at the same time easier to love nothing in this world no.

Lauren Oliver - "Delirium" We have before us a world in which love is forbidden. It is a disease, danger amor delirium, and the person who violates the ban, threatens severe punishment. Therefore, any citizen who has attained 18 years of age, must undergo the procedure of release from the memory of the past, which contains the germs of disease. Line up the procedure a few months left, and would have lived it all, if I had not met that special person

Andrew Davidson -. "Gargoyle" Roman astounding depth. He wraps veil of tales, pull the thread through the ages and nationalities, it brings people together, gluing together the fates. It is a love that is stronger than the bubonic plague that can shout to the whole world through the mouth of a glass statue. This anger of those whose destiny - humility. And as in the book of small worlds, tiny stories of life, it becomes like a drop in the body of the world.

Salman Rushdie -

"The earth beneath her feet," They met as children and immediately fell in love. They parted dozens of times, and have been together at the same time apart and gave the world his extraordinary music. Their voices were heard on all radio stations in the world, and then it swallowed up the land, and the whole planet was mourning her death. Their love was the essence of music.

Ethel Lilian Voynich - "The Gadfly" This book is not only about love, but also about friendship, mutual understanding, and growing up choosing. In Italy, the revolution began, and love with such a life is not easy: on the one hand, love gives us strength, on the other - ties the hands. The book is permeated with light and with the bitter sadness of unrealized and, say, a book crying almost all who take her in hand - so much emotion in it, close to each


Michael Ondaatje -

"The English Patient," The war is over. In a dilapidated villa lives the young woman with a "dead" eyes. Recently, she picked up the burned Englishman and is now trying to get out of it. And in return he tells her the story of his life: the incredible love that saved him once, and for which definitely worth living


Julian Barnes -

"Premonition end of" When a large part of his life behind, nice mentally to go back into the past. Tony Webster enjoys peace and remembers the past. And then he receives a letter, and the rest comes to an end. It was the last page, he would black out, and he even managed. But the past is inexorably: it's time to open this page again

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