15 apt quotations unrivaled comic book of all time, Charlie Chaplin

April 16, 1889 in London, was born, without exaggeration, one of the best comedians in the history of world cinema - Charles Spencer Chaplin. And up to now it has not been an actor whose fame and recognition would have been so legendary.

And today we are in the Website quotes remember this talented man who never ceases to delight audiences for nearly a hundred years.

Simplicity - not an easy thing I'm not afraid of clichés.. All life - is sheer cliché. We all live and die, we eat three times a day, fall in love and stop loving Life -. It is a tragedy when you see it close up, and comedy, when you look at it from a distance hate elephants:. such strong and such obedient Who has never been a child, will never be an adult It's all about the sincerity.. The old man slipped on a banana peel and fell - we do not laugh. But if the same thing happens with a pompous rich gentleman - we laughing In contrast to Freud, I do not believe that sex is a determining factor in human behavior.. It seems to me, cold, hunger and poverty is much deeper determine his psychology. My pain can be the cause of someone's laughter, but my laughter should never be the cause of someone else's pain. Strong > Life without debate would be very boring. Everything that lives, calls for discussion. When the era of sound film, my hero, Charlie came to an end. I had no idea what his voice. The number of follies committed by reason dictates, far more than the number of follies committed foolishly. This person's character is shown when he . drunk A woman can make a millionaire of any man-billionaire Mirror -. my best friend, because when I cry, it never laughs <. / One murder makes a person a criminal kills millions - a hero. It's all about scale. Ability to think like a violin or a piano, it requires daily practice. Nothing is forever in this wicked world, not even our troubles. < Many masters of all trades mistaken for geniuses Life -. it is a play that does not rehearse. Therefore, sing, cry, dance, laugh and live to the fullest until the curtain falls and the scene is over, without any applause. Why do you need the point? Life - it is only a wish, and no point

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