How to quickly learn a foreign language, if you're over 30

It is considered, if not learned the language as a child, then continue this venture in middle age is meaningless. But it's not just the number of years and innate abilities - and important way of learning

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I learned several foreign languages, being in quite a mature age. I was able to speak freely on the basic level of French within 17 days from the start of training, having developed a specific technique for themselves. Immediately, I note that before this I already knew Spanish, so this is not my first foreign language.

In the summer of 2005, I was resting with her friend in a small village in Burgundy. Of course, in English there is no one spoke. And my friend, knowing that I really want to learn French, and flatly refused to talk to me in English.

< So I invented myself a system of exercises that began to repeat every day. < br>
In the morning I got up and sat down to write regular and irregular verbs. This lesson I devoted about two hours. For two weeks, I scribbled a huge notebook. < I still believe that the prescription of the material - is the best way to remember it

. While I was writing, I listened parallel audiouroki French
I also made an hour-long daily jog in the park, during which listened to the French popular music. < Music - Great to catch the intonation of a language and manner to practice pronunciation, propevaya together with singers lyrics

. I dined with a friend and always her friends. Since they did not reduced the rate of speech for me, my dinners were held under the slogan "Learn or starve!».

After dinner, I tried hard to read the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in French. < Reading children's books - another excellent component in the method of rapid learning a new language In the first place, there is a simple vocabulary, secondly, a familiar children's story will help you to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words.. And, thirdly, it is not clear why, but the children's stories in the foreign language seem more fun and interesting.

< Also, every day I spent at least an hour to write a story about yourself, that checks and I corrected my friend. When you meet new people, you always ask about the same question: "Where are you", "What are you doing?", "How do you like France?". Pre-cooking and memorizing answers, you practice the language and feel more confident in conversation.

Another good trick, which I used, - is a colloquial word or word-parasites
After 17 days, I went to Paris. On the first day I met a beautiful girl in the cafe, which will certainly decided to talk to her. A few minutes later, she asked me how long I live in France. When I told her that taught language only 17 days, she was very surprised and said she was ready to swear that I have been here at least a year.

Author: David Bailey
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