5 reasons why you still do not know English

If you teach a foreign language, and it does not work, most likely not your fault untalented neurons in the brain. Need just the right technique.

Website published an interesting article written by an English teacher.

1. You teach-in the rules, but do not see sutNa first lessons students are confident that the English - words and rules. I learned, say, 1,000 words and 16 times - and we can talk. So you need to learn as many new words and rules as soon as possible. This is not so.

Remember, as you say in Russian. Observe for a reason: the word as if they themselves are formed into sentences, almost without your participation. You do not have time to think through - and with language already flied compound sentence.

How did you do it? We are somewhere in the subconscious you remember the end, conjugate verbs and syntax rules applied? Nothing of the sort.

When we say we do not construct a phrase from scratch. We do not "build" his speech. This is the essence of foreign language lessons. You do not to learn the rules. You do to train your brain. As in sports.

2. It's not uchebnikeK Unfortunately, none of the English textbook, even with the workbook does not provide enough jobs to perfect. But if a teacher comes to you with a scruffy "Murphy" You are on the right track.

The teacher can give articles from English-language magazines, videos, movie and TV series. I had a group with which I listened to a lecture on the "Ted." Once there was a girl who loved the band "Tokio Hotel", and we discussed their songs.

There is a myth that you need to deal with only a proven British textbooks. And that some textbooks "good", while others - "bad". In fact, the main thing - respect for technology training and tutorial - just one of the tools such as dumbbells and a jump rope.

To learn a word or phrase:

Read it several times and listen. Speak and write it from memory, and in different situations. It will greatly simplify your task.

3. You put yourself strict deadlines and sdaetesNelzya lose 15 kilos in 15 training - is related to the rate of metabolism in the body. So it is impossible to learn the language for two months or even six months. Tune to engage at least one year, otherwise the result does not happen.

If someone promises you a result in 3-6 months - look for footnote-star, something is wrong here.

How and in sport, language is more important to practice regularly, than to wear. It is better to deal with 3 times a week for an hour, once a week for three.

You do not need exhausting race for knowledge: You get out of breath and throw. You need quiet comfortable swimming. Make yourself comfortable.

4. The language does not become a part of your zhizniOtlichny way to accelerate growth - surround yourself with a foreign language in their lives. You must come in contact with the language, not only in the classroom but also at home, at work and on the road. The more - the better.

Put on your phone and on your computer English interface. Change the language in social networks. Take a simple book in English. If you have coped with the initial level, try to watch foreign TV series in the original language.
Feature films also possible, but they are less effective. The advantage of the series is that he is in the amount of long - tens of hours. During this time you will see the same characters who talk about the same words with the same intonations memorized. This is an ideal situation for practicing language material.

5. Do you still think you osobennyyNe is people who can not master a foreign language. All these stories about the natural predisposition do not concern you. You do not learn ten languages. At least one foreign language you exactly available. Two - too.

So, if you can not speak a foreign language, think about what you missed:

Did you practice working off? Or do you just learned the rules? Now you know that this is not enough. What did your teacher? You go by the book, or he was seriously engaged in your development? Now that you know that the textbook - it is only one of the tools. How often do you do? If irregular and rarely, it just needed to to create comfortable conditions for themselves. How long will you have enough? If you are waiting for the result of three months, and then abandoned - not surprising. Now that you know what the result will be long time. What did you do between classes? Have you surround yourself with a foreign language?
Author: Maxim Ilyahov
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