"Universal Children": Why have a lot of talent is harmful to the child

Site publishes post Xenia Knorre Dmitrieva, columnist edition of "snob" who talked with the director of the school and was very surprised that uznala.Na recently spoke with one of the best directors of schools in Russia, and precisely - with the best director of the elementary school, and learned from her amazing.

I used to believe that there is a big problem, which need to be afraid - when the child is not interested in anything We've all seen these children and heard their parents do not want anything, only. sit at the computer from morning till night, nothing interested, all children as children -. biology, technology, literature, and our mattress mattress, and someone so, here we are at his age, and so on

While I did not have my children, it was one of the main fears of my parents (along with paralyzing prospect of several years of his life to spend with your child for lessons). What if my child is also nothing to be interesting? Suddenly, I was just going to jump around with a violin in one hand and a camera in the other, and he would turn up his nose and sit day long in VKontakte?

No, this did not happen, and I calmed down. On the contrary - it Mota from ancient Greece to the entomology of versification in the classical choreography, and I sat and quietly happy. The vast horizons, vast horizon ...

So the other day, I had this same conversation. On that first time I heard the phrase Ā«universal childrenĀ».

- You, advanced parents, children now very often universal, - the director told me. - And in vain do you rejoice with it. This is typical of such a child: he is given everything he writes works perfectly ...
- Yes, - I nodded, keeping in mind the one close to me familiar girl
. - ... And he's so good with math ...
- Yes, - I confirmed again happily
. - Still, I suppose, and draws beautifully - reproachfully said director

. I'm already beginning to understand that to enjoy here for some reason, nothing, just nodded.

- And something else ...
- Dancing is very good - I squealed - and sings in her band some unreal ...
- Here! - Accusing the director said. - And what is the result? And the fact that a class of 11 people has no representation, what he wants to do. He wants something, and this, and the fifth, and the twenty-fifth, and he can not choose.

I remembered going to grade 11 in the architecture, in the Literary Institute, Stroganov on directing, psihfak, philosophical and History Faculty, and said nothing.

- Select ... can not, - the director continued, - goes anywhere, then, dropouts, passes. Or ends and immediately goes to get a second degree. The question arises: why such he's never learned to once again go to study ?! Look how many of them now - with three, four, five higher education. All learn, learn, learn, and I have only one question: guys, why do not you try to work with? What you need for this is not enough?

- What is there to do? - Sadly, I asked, already imagining the child-rounder with five higher educations

. - Drive to their work, show and tell. < Today's children do not have a clue about what they do at work. are familiar with the professions. Engage in career guidance that the school does not give at all.

This thought struck me with its novelty, I shared with (sorry) one of the best teachers I know, and this wonderful writer, and she, of course, was not surprised.

- Usually, this phenomenon is associated with honors. There are children, which is easy and remarkably given Study, with any subject: mathematics, chemistry, literature ... They are perfectly able to learn! And all around happy. And then suddenly it turns out that the learn - that's all they know how to at the same geeks.. And then the person is discharged from the high school, and it turns out that it can not work. Do not know how, do not want to.

And now I'm sitting in deep thought. I was always of the view that childhood is the fact and given to try and find their different. And then, you remember, I was afraid that the baby will not be interested in anything. So when her daughter began to take an interest in something, we immediately rushed to search for the best place to show it to her and teach. Entomology? The most proper place in the county - a circle at the Palace of Pioneers. Forward. Chess? There is an excellent teacher at the center of extracurricular activities, hurray! Painting? Relatives wonderful teacher, it is very recommended, call each other today. Dancing? Gone through three dance studios, he found his. And so on. When something of this ceased to be interested in, we ended up doing it and switched to another.

And now, it turns out, we have a universal child's parents. Which in a few years we will have to solve the puzzle more complicated Olympiad: on what direction to go - philology or mathematics? Biology or languages? Maybe computer? What does best, what greater is the soul?

I sit and think. I think.

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