How to think creatively? How to see what others do not see?

Expert on creativity Michael Mikalko tells in his book "Breaking creative" about strategies thinking the great -. Giants of creative thought in the field of science, art and industry Website offers to study these strategies and use them to wake up a creative, creative, custom view of the world.

Another view of the world The position of the observer determines the view of the world. It is important to learn how to change it, to look at things in different ways. Walt Disney identified with the heroes of his cartoons and with the audience. Tesla, imagining that lives in the future, in the truest sense of looking at the present from the future, creating a new reality.

Try playing a different role, to discover a different angle on the problem. Please fix the formulation of the problem from your point of view. Then write it down in several versions, such as if it recorded the leader in your industry, the professor, a child prodigy, a politician, Leonardo da Vinci, Sigmund Freud.

Consider how each character would have approached the problem. How would he look for a solution? What is between the similarities and differences? Now check to see if your initial approach to the problem changed?

Think like a child Einstein often behaved like a curious child. He is regularly asked obvious at first glance, questions about God, and space time. Close your eyes and imagine that you are, say, 12 years. Think of yourself at that age: how you celebrated Christmas, birthdays, they felt during the holidays and school desk

? Ask questions about the game, to get to or as part of a brainstorming group in the child, the game state.

Try to think of the problem as a living organism. How does she look? Draw. For example, the problem of sale of real estate may seem like a strange, helpless creature.

< Imagine that your problem is edible. What it tastes?

Look at the world from the point of view of the problem. What can she think of you? What are the political beliefs? What about a romantic relationship? What scared problem?

If you were a therapist to this problem that she would trust you?

Genius - a passionate commitment to a combination of a variety of perspectives. When a person succeeds in several areas and at the same time is able to unite them, it is close to genius.

Method PikassoPikasso noted that artist creates for the release of feelings, visions and thoughts. This in his opinion, it is the whole secret of art. As Picasso went for a walk in the woods, he thought only of green and nothing else, until there came "a glut of green." To get rid of the "overflow", he splashed it on the picture. Numerous works by Picasso are the product of this constant filling and putting some thought it onto the canvas.

To try out the method of Picasso, accumulate as much material on the problem in simple terms - it may be, for example, summaries of books, the experience of others, the actions of competitors. As soon as possible to read all of the material - in one sitting, is not "cram" theme. Then start with any topic and make a "mental map" for her. Did it help to discover something unknown? Noticed there any common patterns?

If you allow the information to develop naturally, there will be new ideas themselves.

Combine nesochetaemoeVyberite 20 random objects. They can be anywhere: from home, from work, from the street. Write them down in two columns of ten objects. Take the left object and combine it with the object on the right. When promising found an interesting couple, treat her to get the invention. A good example - a pencil with an eraser

. The combination of two dissimilar objects creates a kind of mental alloy, sometimes leading to an interesting idea or a hunch.

SchelchokKontseptsii combined, like light rays are collected at a single point, and "click" in your subconscious.

To experience the "click", try the following experiment. Write a letter to your subconscious mind about an issue on which work. Describe in detail the problem of the measures taken, strange places, needs, obstacles, ideal ... Charge subconscious mind to find a solution.

Write: «Your task - to find a solution to the problem. I would like to read it in two days ».

Seal the letter and set aside. Forget about it. Two days open. If the problem still is not solved, ascribe to the end of the letter: "Report as soon as you decide." Sooner or later when you relax or prefer something else, ideas and solutions suddenly emerge from the subconscious.

Very often we come up with one or two ideas and nosimsya with them as if they have all the answers. But creative ideas, as well as pearls, are not common. It is therefore reasonable to give as many hypotheses as possible. A good idea can serve as an obstacle for an excellent and great, in turn, can not give a true find.

We believe creative geniuses mysterious people spontaneously generating ideas out of nowhere. This is not true. Ideas will roll in like a horn of plenty, if you use certain methods of thinking. < The creative geniuses think quickly and flexibly. You want to be one of those people?

Based on the book by Michael Mikalko "Hacking creativity»



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